Sep 3

A toddler is a little orb of uncontrollable energy. The auto hyperactivity starts when he turns one and a-half years old and lasts until he is two and one-half. During this time, it’s complete chaos. You just turn around for one second and your child disappears and you’re in panic that he may have run, wandered, and have become abducted. Paranoid. And you get the feeling that you want to put a harness on your child. Of course you can’t do that, not without scrutinizing eyes, but what must you do?

Toddlerhood is a time when kids discover their identities and yearn to explore their surroundings and maximize their independence. For parents, it’s a fearful time. The kid might get hurt and the parent may feel ever more guilty for not looking after her child. There are strategies though that you can apply to help your restrain your active toddler, especially when you are in a potentially dangerous public place. This article is entitled ‘Taming the Escape Artist’. Apply these tips and never lose sight of child ever again. Note: You child still gets to enjoy his independence.


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