Sep 4

Parents want all the best for their children. But sometimes, we tend to over-do things with parenting. We become too obsessed with the responsibility to the point of making ourselves depressed.

Some parents even become too controlling of the lives of their kids, thinking they only want to make sure everything is “okay”. But it is not okay. Kids are individuals too and our only task as parents is to nourish and guide them. Not to dictate things or decide for them, endangering them to lose their identities. We should allow them to be kids, shouldn’t we? Let’s help them enjoy their childhood, because in the process, we also get to enjoy being parents by taking it easy with parenting. We also need time for ourselves and the down-time we give to our kids would also benefit them.

Here are some info and tips on:
‘Slow Parenting’ – for Some Space and Sanity”, and
How Moms Could Enjoy Their Life While Parenting Young Children

Hope it helps!

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