Sep 7

We all know that the moment you become a parent, everything changes. Everything becomes hectic. And not only that – you become (too) engrossed in being a parent, a good parent, the best parent you could ever be for your kids. However, there is something that you are missing – friends, family, and social relationships.

When you have turned into a parent, suddenly you are isolated from the outside world. You lose communication with your siblings and you no longer have a social life. And it is perfectly understandable. After all, the most important thing now is your own family and kids. Sometimes though, it is better if you could still get to enjoy your old life and bond with those people who had been a part of your life. Reunions and special non-working holiday gatherings give you this opportunity. You can catch up with your old acquaintances, reconnect with your brother or sister, who is most probably also a parent now, you can share advices, and just overall have a good time amid the good food and chitchats.

So, the next time there is a holiday, choose to accept party or celebration invitations that you have been ignoring. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a more worthwhile respite. You can laze around your house some other time.

Inspiration Article:
‘Smart Parenting: Love All Around’

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