Jan 4

Occasionally twins will be born around midnight, which leads to each child having a different birthday, but on December 31, 2011, three sets of twins were born in different years. There will be no debating who is older when it comes to these babies. Half of them were born in 2011 and the other half were born in 2012.

Dec 30

In 2011, many families chose to do their part to make the planet a little healthier. One way many people are teaching their kids to be earth-friendly is by buying green products, including toys. Looking for some of those for your own kids? Check out the top green kids’ products of 2011.

Dec 25

The end of the year is here and many people are remembering it in many different ways. Parenting, for example, has rounded up the best baby and toddler toys of 2011.  Did you purchase any of these? What would you add to the list?

Dec 22

Remember that book about dieting for young girls? How about the breastfeeding baby doll? These are just few of the weird, outrageous and just plain strange products for kids and babies we saw this year.

Dec 20

Remember the Tiger Mother? What about arsenic in the apple juice? They’re just two of the big parenting stories of 2011 that may have changed the way people raised their kids.

Dec 14

Do you have kids who can’t keep their hands off your iPhone or iPad? If so, you might want to check out the best kids’ apps of 2011. Some are free, some are educational, and best of all, they’ll all help you keep your child entertained.

Dec 12

From Zig the Big Rig to Let’s Rock Elmo, there were tons of hot new baby toys on the market in 2011. What was your favorite and which ones are you planning to buy for your little one?

Dec 1

If you’re expecting a baby and looking for the right name, look no further! The official list of popular baby names from 2011 is here. Did your favorite names make the top ten?

Nov 9

The New York Times has released its annual “Best Illustrated Children’s Books” list, and it contains some books that are quite popular with kids and parents alike. You’ll definitely want to add some of these to your list of books to read next year.

Jul 27

The popular baby name website Nameberry has reported that trends in baby naming are changing these days.  In the past, parents have turned to family names and personal meaning, but in 2011, celebrities seem to have all the influence.  Whether parents are naming their babies after the hottest celebrities – think “Pippa” after Kate Middleton’s younger sister or “Mila” after actress Mila Kunis – or after famous celebrity babies – think “Flynn” after Orlando Bloom’s infant son, one thing is certain: there’s a new crop of names making their way to the “most popular” list. 

Jul 3

Are you looking for some new books to add to your child’s library?  You’re in luck.  The blog Breezy Mama has chosen ten must-have children’s book for its annual top ten list.  Which books made the cut?  Take a look and see which book is number one.

Mar 28

At the end of every year, the top baby names are released, and many people check to see if their baby’s name or their own name made the cut.  However, why wait until next January to find out what will be popular in 2011?  The year is not even three months old, but Parenting.com is already predicting what names will be popular with parents in the coming year.  From celebrity trends to names based on a popular vampire book and movie series, find out what names are expected to be popular this year.