Sep 5

When you become a parent, suddenly you’re aware of all the parenting advice you can get a hold of and can apply in raising your own kid. However not all advice on parenting are expert advice. Even those advice that come from your own mother could be faulty and may not apply well especially for you. Yahoo! Shine publishes an article about parenting entitled “10 Worst Parenting Lies” [It could make or break your parenting style.] I’m sure you could find some surprise realizations about the most common myths and misconceptions involved in parenting.

The article is written in the perspective of a mother with first-hand experience with parenting, and who may have learned about these queer lies the unpleasant way. Before you jump in on following any unsolicited advice, most probably from a stranger posting a blog about parenting online, confirm it first with facts and get the point-of-view of mothers who have been there done that. It may also help if you read these not-so-known parenting lies then see for yourself.

’10 Worst Parenting Lies’

Jul 24

Do you often find yourself in need of parenting advice, but don’t have time to seek it out?  Reading a book or researching information online can take hours and even days, but new videos from the Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio take just one minute.  The videos come every Wednesday from psychologist Geoffrey Putt, and you can find them on YouTube or the hospital’s website.

Dec 12

As a parent, you probably worry about house hold chemicals quite a bit. How and where should you store them? Which ones aren’t safe for kids and which ones do you need to have around the house? Luckily, WebMD has put together an article with everything you need to know about household chemicals.

Dec 10

The smallest change to their daily routines can have your children wound up and driving you nuts. This time of year that is especially true.  So what can you do to save your sanity and theirs too? Check out six tips to help your child learn to calm down from Yahoo.

Dec 10

So many marriages go downhill once a new baby is added to the family, because mom and dad simply don’t take the time to make it work. What can you do to prevent this? According to this article from NPR, housework is the key to saving your marriage after baby.

Dec 10

Did you know that baby toys aren’t just cute and fun? They’re a necessity to your baby’s growth and development? But how do you pick the right ones? Check out everything you need to know about baby toys.

Dec 6

Thinking about adding a dog or puppy to your family? Not sure what type of dog you want to get? Check out this list of the Top Ten Family Dogs. From Boston Terriers to Mastiffs, the list includes dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dec 2

Are you planning to start potty training soon? Even if you’ve already started and haven’t had much success, maybe it’s because you haven’t tried these potty training tips and tricks.  From Elmo to M&Ms, there’s something to entice every little hiney to ditch the diapers!

Nov 28

One of the most difficult decisions every parent will face is choosing how to educate your children. Will they go to private school or public school or will you skip them both and homeschool? Will it cost more or less? Are you qualified to do it? How will your children make friends? understands that you may have many questions about your child’s education, so they have put together a list of homeschooling pros and cons.

Nov 28

Every parent stops to wonder at some point in time if they are a perfect parent and if not, what they need to do to acheive that status. Well, according to the American Association of Pediatrics, the “perfect parent” is simply a myth. Not convinced? Check out “A ‘Perfect’ Parent” to learn that mistakes are OK.

Nov 27

Do you find yourself telling your child they did a “good job” almost every time they do something positive? Whether you’re telling your infant son “good job” for rolling over or your first grader “good job” for that art project she made, one author claims that handing out the phrase is not such a great idea for parents. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t say “good job.”

Nov 22

When your baby or toddler becomes mobile, you probably find yourself worrying about what kind of dangers your child will find in your home. You don’t want to go overboard and keep your baby in a bubble, but there are some precautions you’ll need to take. Looking for a happy medium? Check out Huffington Post’s Bubble Wrapped Babies.

Nov 22

If you have a new baby, you want to do everything right to make sure his or her first year is great, but did you know there are many common mistakes that new parents often make? WebMD has compiled a list of 10 mistakes parents often make in the first year. Read this list and make sure you avoid them.

Nov 18

At some point in time, you’ll probably decide to give your child a cell phone. To you, this means a way to stay in touch with them no matter where they are and a way for them to get in touch with you if they need you. To them, this means a way to stay in touch with friends all day, every day and inevitably run up your phone bill with texts and tweets and emails. So, how can you make sure your child uses his or her cell phone responsibly? suggest a cell phone contract for tweens and offers guidelines for what to add to the contract.

Nov 17

Let’s face it: pregnant women often have a glow to their skin that the rest of just don’t. And if you’ve ever been an expectant mom, you may have found yourself wishing you could keep that little perk of being pregnant. Sound familiar? You might want to check out 6 Ways to Maintain Your Pregnancy Glow from People Magazine, where two skin care professionals offer their advice.