Dec 20

If you’re expecting a baby soon, and you’re looking for some festive names, you might want to check this out: 30 baby names perfect for December babies from Babble.  Sure, some of them are a little silly – Griswold anyone? – but they’re fun to read, and who knows, you might just find one you like.

Dec 1

If you’re expecting a baby and looking for the right name, look no further! The official list of popular baby names from 2011 is here. Did your favorite names make the top ten?

Oct 16

When it comes to naming babies these days, parents seem to be finding more and more ways to choose unique names. If you’re having a baby this fall, you might want to consider choosing a seasonally inspired name for your little one. From Autumn to Octavia, check out Baby Zone’s list of fall inspired baby names.

Sep 26

Have you ever thought about what people in other countries are naming their children? Are you expecting a new baby and trying to figure out a name that’s original or represents your origins?  For whatever reason you might be considering an international baby name, check out Lil Sugar’s Popular Baby Names Around the World Quiz. You might just find a name or two that you love!

Aug 6

When you name your child something clever and unique, you may think you’re being cute and independent, but, well, it could be harmful to your child.  Check out this interview with Rodney Kellum, the co-author of the book What Yo Name Iz? to find out why.

Jul 27

The popular baby name website Nameberry has reported that trends in baby naming are changing these days.  In the past, parents have turned to family names and personal meaning, but in 2011, celebrities seem to have all the influence.  Whether parents are naming their babies after the hottest celebrities – think “Pippa” after Kate Middleton’s younger sister or “Mila” after actress Mila Kunis – or after famous celebrity babies – think “Flynn” after Orlando Bloom’s infant son, one thing is certain: there’s a new crop of names making their way to the “most popular” list.