Feb 13

Valentine’s Day can be one of the hardest days of the year to find a babysitter. If you’re one of those couples who hasn’t gotten anyone lined up yet, and you still want to celebrate the big day, never fear; here are 5 ways to have a Valentine’s Day date at home.

Dec 30

As New Year’s Eve approaches, many couples  are making last minute plans to go out, which means babysitters are scarce. Need some last-minute help? Here are a few tips for getting a good sitter for your kids on New Year’s Eve.

Nov 21

You may be thrilled to have your babysitter over for  a night out, but whether it’s a trusted relative or the new teenager from your neighborhood, you’re probably going to worry about how much work you’re leaving for them. You want your kids to be safe and well taken care of, and one way to make that happen is to be sure to leave something easy for dinner. If you don’t do frozen food or prefer not to order pizza, take a look at these 10 Easy Babysitter Recipes from Weelicious.

Nov 14

Leaving your child alone with a new person can leave you quite distressed, even if it’s someone you feel you can trust. Some people have resorted to setting up a small, hidden camera or “nanny cam” that videos what goes on in your home when you’re not there. Think this sounds like something you’d like to do? Check out iVillage’s guide to how to use a nanny cam.

Oct 26

Next time you’re looking for a babysitter, you might just want to consider this: renting a grandma. After all, grandmas make the best babysitters, right? That’s what one company believes, and they hire women over the age of 50 to care for your children. What do you think: a little creepy or kind of neat?

Jul 22

When it’s time to choose a babysitter or nanny for your child, picking the right one can be a daunting task.  Whether it’s the teenage neighbor from down the street or someone from an agency, there are some questions that every parent should ask.  From “Will you answer your cell phone?”  to  “Do you know CPR?,” here is a look at 10 questions every parent should ask before entrusting their child with a babysitter.