Sep 24

Does your child love to read?  School is back in session and what better way to celebrate than going to the library or the book store for some new books?  Daily Candy has put together a list of picture books that are new this fall and you will definitely want to check it out – there’s even a new Dr. Seuss book!

Sep 20

There are holidays like Christmas, Halloween and the 4th of July that most everyone celebrates and then there are the secret holidays that only parents can enjoy: back to school day, diaper independence day or seat belt click it day anyone?  What are your favorite “parent holidays?”

Sep 8

By now your kids have probably already started back to school or will be starting this week, but if you’re like most families, you’re probably still getting your school supplies together.  If you haven’t yet bought a lunch box or lunch bag, check out these neat ones. You’ll be tossing those brown bags out in no time!

Aug 28

If they haven’t already, your kids are going back to school soon and chances are, they’re dealing with a little anxiety about the situation. Whether it’s just the that they’re going to be away from home again or there’s something or someone they don’t want to face, there are ways to help ease that anxiety.  Tips include talking to your kids about their problems and relaxing if you, yourself are anxious.

Aug 26

Everyone knows it’s back-to-school time and whether your child is just starting kindergarten or beginning their senior year, moms and dads don’t always know what to expect – especially when it’s their only or oldest child.  Let’s face it: times have changed since you were in school.  From social skills to academics, there is much new material to learn.  With this in mind, offers a look at what to expect from each grade level.

Aug 25

If your family is having a little trouble getting back into the mood for back-to-school, you might want to try decorating your door!  We hang wreaths and decorations to celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and the Fourth of July, why not celebrate back-to-school time?  If you need some ideas for wreaths and other back-to-school door decorations, Parents Connect has you covered.

Aug 24

Bedtime can be difficult. Getting wired kids to sleep or sleepy kids to go to bed without putting up an exhaustion-induced fight can make for a rough night for mom and dad.  And after a summer of staying up late, bedtime can become an even more difficult task when it’s time to get back into a school night routine. Think you need a little help when it comes to getting your kids to sleep?  Check out WebMD’s tips for making bedtime easier.

Aug 24

There’s no better proof that your little ones are growing up than seeing them off on their first day of school, whether they’re starting kindergarten or high school. If you’re like most parents, you try to capture those fleeting moments with a picture of the big day, but those pictures can get a little boring year after year. If you’re looking for some new, unique ideas, check out these tips for back-to-school photography.

Aug 21

For many families it’s back-to-school time, but if you have a three or four year old, school is a whole new concept to your family.  Your child is probably excited about the big first day but nervous as well. After all, for many young children, it’s the first time they’ll be heading away from home.  So, how do you deal with separation anxiety in preschoolers?  Check out these tips to avoid breaking your child’s heart and yours.

Aug 19

Tired of the same old thing when it comes to breakfast? If you’re looking for something new and unique to make for a special back-to-school breakfast this year, look no further than the original domestic diva herself. Martha Stewart offers recipes for Mountain Berry Scones and Green Fruit Bowls that will definitely have your little ones off to school with a fully tummy!

Aug 17

Kids have been wearing t-shirts with catchy phrases written on them for years, but one mom says they’re becoming more obnoxious.  She’s fed up with kids wearing t-shirts that say things such as “I hate school” and “If homework is work, when do I get paid.” What do you think?  Is this just a silly trend or are parents allowing their children to be disrespectful by dressing this way?

Aug 16

Flu season, stress, anxiety, colds, germs – there’s so much to be concerned about when your child is thrust into a new school year, and most parents do worry about their children’s health throughout the school year. Never fear, WebMD has answered nine important questions that you might have for the school nurse.  This should be at least a little reassuring!

Aug 15

Let’s face it: back-to-school shopping can be a hassle, but according to Redbook it doesn’t have to be.  From going shopping alone to shopping online, here are ten back-to-school shopping tips that will leave moms and dads a little less stressed out this year.

Aug 12

It’s that time of year.  If your kids aren’t already back in school, they will be soon and you’re probably getting ready for the new year in every way.  School lunches have come a long way over the years, and the Washington Post has taken noticed.  Wondering what’s in or out  or what’s good and healthy when it comes to school lunch or after-school snacks?  Check out the article for lots of tips and info.

Aug 8

School is beginning to start back in several states across the country, which means parents are waking early to pack their children’s lunch.  After all, taking your lunch to school is something we’ve been doing for decades.  But a new study from the University of Texas claims that sending your child to school with lunch is as good as giving them food poisoning.   You may want to rethink the brown bag after you read this.