Feb 6

It seems as though women are choosing to have their babies at home these days. From 2004 to 2009, the number of women opting out of what has become tradition, a hospital birth, has increased by 29 percent. Would you ever have a baby at home?

Jan 27

When you have a baby, you want to share it with the world, but how can you do it in a special, unique way? By making your own announcements, of course!  Here are nine creative birth announcements you can customize for your big day.

Jan 4

Occasionally twins will be born around midnight, which leads to each child having a different birthday, but on December 31, 2011, three sets of twins were born in different years. There will be no debating who is older when it comes to these babies. Half of them were born in 2011 and the other half were born in 2012.

Jan 1

Did you have one of the first babies of the year? Chances are you didn’t become a member of that elite club today, but over the years, many babies have been hailed as “Baby New Year,” some of them more noteworthy than others (Betsy Ross anyone?). Check out these notable New Year’s babies.

Dec 29

Home births seem to be all the rage these days, but are they really better than hospital births? Giggle Gab takes a big look at home versus hospital births and the pros and cons of each.

Nov 3

Running a marathon might seem like a lot for most people, but imagine doing it while nine months pregnant. That’s what one woman in Chicago did. Seven hours later she gave birth to a daughter. Learn more about this amazing woman who gave birth after finishing a marathon.

Sep 2

Many women have the same vision of pregnancy, especially when they’ve never experienced it.  Usually, it’s like something out of a movie or television show. But there are just some things that don’t exactly make for a great story, and things you may not know about being pregnant. For example, what do you know about pooping while pregnant?  Did you know you may become more judgmental? Check out 22 Things No One Told You About Being Pregnant.

Aug 17

At some point in time your child will want to know where babies come from.  Maybe they’re about to have a new sibling or maybe they heard a classmate talking about the big S-E-X word.  Either way, it’s best to be prepared.  What better way to get ready for the answers to the questions your child is bound to ask than by getting a book about the subject.  Here is a list of great kids’ books that discuss sex, conception, and well, where babies come from.

Jul 3

With so many members of our military currently overseas and stationed around the country, you can bet there are a lot of sons and daughters (and moms) that are missing dad.  You can also bet lots of dads are missing some big moments in the lives of their families.  In one case, however, the program Skype came in handy when a soldier stationed in North Carolina knew he wouldn’t make it to Oregon in time to see his wife give birth to the couple’s son.  Check out this heartwarming story.