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Throwing a party for your birthday boy or girl can be enjoyable and memorable, and, if you follow these four tips, quick! Austin is filled with fun party venues to keep the kids active and excited, but if you are planning an at-home party, the decorating and food falls on you. Don’t fret, with these easy tips you’ll have the perfect party planned in no time.

Think Theme

Choosing a theme will help give you direction for the rest of the party planning. Just having a color or cartoon character to base your child’s party around will open up the flow of ideas for other party products you’ll need, like decorations and cake. Include your child in the decision, and pick something unique and specialized just for him or her.

Popular children party choices include luaus, pirate parties and tea times. If you and your child are struggling to find the right theme, consider Birthday Express party ideas to help you decide on something that fits your style and budget. Those common truck or princess parties can be easily adapted to fit your child’s taste as soon as you decide that’s your theme.

Do Decorations

Decorating for your child’s party may be the most rewarding part. Children love the anticipation and excitement that comes when walking in to a well-decorated party. Make any party memorable with custom napkins.  When everyone walks into the room covered in streamers and filled with balloons, your child will feel extra special knowing it was all done for him or her. Choose tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware that match your theme.

Adapt Activities

You should have a few fun activities planned for the kids, but they can be simple and inexpensive. A pinata filled with candy and small toys can keep children entertained for hours, and the take-home treats work as an easy party favor for your guests. There are all kinds of birthday party activities ranging from arts and crafts to sports and outside games. What you choose to entertain your little guests with should be influenced by the party’s theme and, of course, what the birthday boy or girl enjoys. Texas boasts hot summers, so if you are hosting a party during the warm season, plan accordingly.

Find Finger Food

When planning food for your child’s birthday party, remember that simple is usually best when it comes to kids. A cake that is decorated to match your theme and a big bucket of inexpensive ice cream will usually be a sufficient dessert. A few finger foods, such as pizza, meatballs, chips and vegetables with ranch dressing for dipping, will help curb the kids’ hunger pangs and hopefully encourage them to fill up on too much sugar.

If you follow these tips, you will have a wonderful party planned for your child’s birthday without having to spend too much time or money. Once these basics are covered, the rest of your party will fall into place.

Jan 19

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Sep 27

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