Aug 12

You really don’t have to be bothered by kids saying, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” during summer. There’s a great solution for this, and it doesn’t mean sending him off to “Just go there and play.” All you need is a list of the best 2012 summer readings for kids for all ages:


Dan Gutman’s “Baseball Card Aventures”
David A. Kelly’s “Ballpark Mysteries”
Kevin Markey’s “The Super Sluggers”
S.J. Kincaid’s “Insignia”
Catherine Fisher’s “Incarceron”
Matt and Dave’s “Yuck” series (“Yuck’s Amazing Underpants”)
“Planet Tad”
Lincoln Pierce’s “Big Nate Goes For Broke”
Jennifer and Matthew Holm’s “Squish: Super Amoeba”
“Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers”
“Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants”
Brian Selznick’s “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”


Artie Bennett’s “Poopendous”
Owen Davey’s “Night Knight”
Chris Van Dusen’s “Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit
Charise Mericle Harper’s “If Waffles Were Like Boys”
Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Licktenheld’s “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site”
Ame Dyckman’s “Boy + Bot”
Michael Chabon’s “The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man”
Peter Stein and illustrator Bob Staake’s “Bugs Galore”


Polly Horvath’s “Mr. and Mrs. Bunny — Detectives Extraordinaire”
“Charlotte’s Web”
Lissa Price’s “Starters”
Cassandra Clare’s series “The Mortal Instruments”
Lauren Oliver’s “Liesel & Po”
“Junie B. Jones and Ramona Quimby”
“Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly School Bus”
Stephanie Barden’s “Cinderella Smith”
Jennifer L. Holm’s “Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick”
“Letters to Leo”


Matthea Harvey’s “Cecil the Pet Glacier”
Emily Redmond’s “Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo”
Jonny Duddle’s “The Pirates Next Door Starring the Jolly-Rogers”
Peter McCarty’s “Chloe”
Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s “Plant a Kiss”
Amy Beth Bloom’s “Little Sweet Potato”

Have you found any interesting titles for your kids?

Source: Summer Reading 2012: Books for Kids of All Ages (Huffington Post)

Feb 18

Many kids mourned when the book series A Series of Unfortunate Events ended a years ago, but its author, Lemony Snicket, is back! His first book in a new series, All the Wrong Questions, will be released later this year.

Feb 10

Learning to read is a great time for a child. They’re not only learning an important skill, but they are being introduced to a whole new world. Learning to read can be difficult though, and there are just some things you shouldn’t say to a new reader.

Feb 5

Ah, February- the month of love.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, parents everywhere are running to the stores to look for some sugary sweet treats for their kids. However, nothing says “I love you” like a book the two of you can read together every night, and here are a few excellent choices. Check out: Children’s Books About Love.

Feb 1

Does your child’s library need a new addition? Check out Huffington Post Parents’ selections for Best Children’s Books for February.  You’ll find fun books inspired by Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.

Jan 8

When you’re expecting a baby, you try to buy everything you’ll need to welcome your little one, but books and music might not be at the top of your list. That said, reading to babies and listening to music with your children can be one of the best things a parent can do for their child’s development. Need some ideas? Check out these great books and CDs for babies.

Jan 6

If you love classic stories and want to make them a part of your child’s life, check out these vintage book clocks for kids.  The clocks are made from books containing old favorites, such as Horton Hears a Who, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Wizard of Oz and more.

Dec 22

The editors and contributors at Cool Mom Picks have put together a list of their favorite family holiday books, and it’s really neat! The unique list covers Christmas and Hanukkah and has a great combination of old classics, new favorites and even books that aren’t normally associated with the holidays.

Dec 22

Remember that book about dieting for young girls? How about the breastfeeding baby doll? These are just few of the weird, outrageous and just plain strange products for kids and babies we saw this year.

Dec 14

If you’re a parent who celebrates Christmas and you haven’t heard of Elf on a Shelf, you must be living under a rock. The book tells the story of an elf who is watching kids so he can report back to Santa. Moms across the nation spend the month of December trying to find creative ways for their children to discover that the little elf doll that accompanies the book is watching them, but it can become a tedious task. Need some help? Check out these 15 creative places to put your Elf on a Shelf.

Dec 13

Divorce, adoption, same-sex parents, single parents… there are many reasons why a family is considered “non-traditional,” but did you know there are kids’ books out there that address these types of families? Check out 11 Books About Modern Families.

Dec 5

If you’re looking for some books to get you into the holiday spirit, check out these 10 fun holiday books for toddlers. There are books for every holiday: Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas and more.

Dec 3

If you love the song Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan, you might just love this book by the same title. The book matches Dylan’s lyrics with beautiful watercolor paintings, and it includes a CD of the song’s original recording.

Nov 9

The New York Times has released its annual “Best Illustrated Children’s Books” list, and it contains some books that are quite popular with kids and parents alike. You’ll definitely want to add some of these to your list of books to read next year.

Nov 7

Teaching your child to love and care for animals is very important. Also, teaching your child about the responsibility that comes with owning a pet can be very important when they start asking if they can have one. PBS Kids recommends a great selection of kids’ books about dogs, ranging from books about pets at animal shelters to books that use dogs to teach foreign languages and so much more in between.  If your family enjoys animals or you and your kids are dog lovers, this list is a must-print for your next trip to the library or book store.