Jul 24

Do you often find yourself in need of parenting advice, but don’t have time to seek it out?  Reading a book or researching information online can take hours and even days, but new videos from the Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio take just one minute.  The videos come every Wednesday from psychologist Geoffrey Putt, and you can find them on YouTube or the hospital’s website.

Nov 25

If you’re a busy parent who is always on the go, you might want to check out these great time-saving tips from Real Simple. They’ll help you manage your time like never before.

Nov 23

You wake up in the morning and get the kids dressed, fed, and packed for school, but that leaves very little time for you. Those sweatpants you slept in are suitable to walk your kid to the classroom door, right? Wrong. At least, it is wrong according to one school in the UK. The school has banned pajamas, claiming parents should be dressed respectfully while on school grounds. Do you agree?

Oct 7

Being a busy mom can mean not having a lot of time for yourself, especially when it comes to workout time. No one knows this better than Olympic swimmer and mom to a five-year old Dara Torres. The former athlete shares a few tips on how moms can find time to squeeze a workout into their busy schedules.