Jan 1

If your child is celebrating a big birthday this year, you’re probably looking for the perfect cake for their party. Need some ideas? Check out these fun first birthday cakes from The Bump. There’s everything from butterflies to Sesame Street.

Nov 25

If you’re planning a baby shower in the near futue and you want to make it extra special, you’ll definitely want to check out these 25 must-see baby shower cakes.  They’re goregeous, easy to make, and they’ll leave a good impression with party guests!

Aug 22

When your child’s birthday rolls around, will you be baking them a birthday cake?  There are few better ways to express your creativity and make sure you get the cake exactly the way you want it than by making it yourself for your little one’s birthday, but let’s face it, not all of us are that great in the kitchen. Luckily, iVillage has put together a huge list of amazing birthday cakes and cupcakes for kids’ birthdays that are not very difficult to make, but they’ll look like you hired the most professional caterer. Animals, sports ideas and flowers are just a few of themes you’ll find in this neat list.

Jun 24

Your little one is having his or her first birthday and you want to make it a special event.  That means picking the best cake!  Many moms and dads choose to make their own cakes, but how can you make it super special for baby’s first year?  Lil Sugar has some ideas for first birthday cakes that will have you running to the kitchen!