Nov 23

You wake up in the morning and get the kids dressed, fed, and packed for school, but that leaves very little time for you. Those sweatpants you slept in are suitable to walk your kid to the classroom door, right? Wrong. At least, it is wrong according to one school in the UK. The school has banned pajamas, claiming parents should be dressed respectfully while on school grounds. Do you agree?

Oct 12

If your teenagers like to use a tanning bed in California, they won’t be able to anymore. The state passed a law that says kids must be 18 years or older to tan.  What do you think? Is this a good law or the government just trying to interfere in our lives?

Oct 9

An Oregon woman and her crying toddler were allegedly kicked off a public transit bus because the driver says the baby had been crying for a long time and it was disturbing her ability to drive. As you can imagine, the debate surrounding this story is quite heated, with many saying the bus driver was right to do what she did. After all, the safety of the other passengers was possibly at stake. But others say the bus driver should have handled it differently. What do you think?

Oct 6

Remember that controversy surrounding the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  What about Little Red Riding Hood?  Me, either. It may seem strange to see them on the list of books that have been banned over the last decade, but believe it or not, these books and others were determined to be too problematic for children to handle by school systems around the country.

Sep 30

Breastfeeding and fertility are two of the most controversial topics facing moms today. Much like religion and politics, there are just some things people choose not to talk about because there are so many strong opinions. Well, not these authors; Jennifer Weiner and Joanna Weiss have taken these topics and turned them into new novels for women.

Jun 22

Writer, therapist and mom Lori Gottlieb is definitely making waves this week with her new article in the Atlantic that hasn’t even hit newsstands yet.  According to Gottlieb, parents who are trying to be perfect are ruining their children.   In the article, appropriately titled “How to Land Your Kids in Therapy,” Gottlieb argues that “good enough” parents are the key to a good life for kids.  What do you think?