Aug 15

Do your kids enjoy playing in the rain? Do they often ditch the umbrella and end up sopping wet?  Bouf offers a new type of children’s umbrella that is sure to hold your child’s attention. Why?  This umbrella changes color when it gets wet.  Too cool!

Jul 28

Looking for some cool treats that will help beat the heat?  Check out this fruity popsicle recipe from Lil Sugar.  It’s healthy, easy to make, and so much fun – kids can help too!

Jul 25

In most places throughout the United States right now, temperatures range from 90 to 110 degrees.  This makes playing outside a little difficult and even dangerous.  Luckily, Janice D’Arcy of the Washington Post had compiled a list of fun indoor activities that will keep you safe – and cool – inside your home.

Jul 23

There are very few places across the country where temperatures are not well into the 90′s, if not the 100′s.  Unfortunately, this can be a very dangerous, especially for your children.  If you need some ideas for keeping cool (and safe) during this heat wave, check out the Chicago Tribune’s professional advice.