Oct 31

Halloween is finally here and hopefully, everyone will have a fun-filled night if they plan to go out trick-or-treating. However, it can also be a dangerous night if parents and kids aren’t careful. To ensure that the night is nothing but fun for the whole family, check out these tips for having a “safe and spooktacular” Halloween and then enjoy your costumes and candy.

Oct 30

Halloween night can be one of the most fun times of a year for family, but an allergy or asthma attack can ruin the night for everyone and even put your kids in danger. Whether it’s an allergy to something found in candy or the make-up used in your child’s costume, there are many ways to avoid these Halloween allergy and asthma triggers and Consumer Reports offers some help.

Oct 14

If you’re looking for a cute set of matching Halloween costumes for twins, triplets and other sets of siblings, look no further than Lil Sugar’s costume ideas for siblings. From Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to the cheerleader and the football player, you’ll find cute, unique ideas for kids of all ages.

Oct 9

Halloween costumes can be super expensive, and making them yourself can be a pain for everyone involved. If you’re having a hard time making, finding or affording fancy Halloween costumes for your kids, you might want to take a look at these 35 fun, easy homemade Halloween costume ideas from Parenting.com. Some of them are pretty darn cute.

Oct 1

It’s about time to start thinking about Halloween costumes, and for many little girls that means pink, frilly princess dresses and shiny crowns every year. But what if your daughter isn’t into princesses or you both think it’s time to switch things up a little bit? Momformation has a few cool ideas for the anti-princess Halloween costumes for girls.

Jul 29

The Smurfs movie is all the rage this summer, and it’s bringing the classic cartoon to a younger generation as well.  The movie isn’t the only way people are enjoy the Smurfs this summer though; check out this great Smurfs gear, including costumes, lunchboxes toys, t-shirts, games and more.