Jan 16

The world is changing in many ways, including who stays home with the kids. According to this New York Times article, stay-at-home dads aren’t as rare as they once were, and males are no longer the family breadwinners.

Jan 8

By the time your kids go to bed, you’re probably exhausted, but you’re dying to check out Facebook or look up a few recipes.  Unfortunately, many moms and dads fall asleep before they can even pull out the laptop, but there is a way to blend your family time with computer time, and you can do it no matter what age your kids are.

Dec 18

When it comes to movies and pop culture, dads often get a bad rap. Some are absent, some play stupid, and some overly mean and aggressive. But sometimes, a good guy pops up in the mix. Check out these great movie dads.  Do any of you dads out there use these guys as role models?

Nov 16

When women are about to become mothers, their friends and family usually throw them a baby shower where they play games, eat cake and finger foods, and open gifts, right? Well, what about new dads? It looks like there’s a new trend taking over for expectant fathers and it’s called the ‘Dadchelor Party.”

Nov 10

Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas and all the other Disney Princesses may be your daughter’s favorite thing in the world, but when it comes to dad, keeping up with your little girl’s interest might get a little confusing. Just for fun, if you’re a dad whose daughter has a little Disney Princess obsession, check out this “Father’s Guide to Disney Princesses.”  (It might even help some moms out too!)

Oct 20

Are you debating becoming a stay-at-home mom (or dad)? Maybe you’re about to have a baby or maybe you’ve found yourself less and less able to drop the kids off at daycare, but can you afford the big change? Try using this quiz and calculator to determine whether you can afford to stay at home.

Oct 10

Mom and dad always say they love all the kids the best, but according to Time Magazine, a recent study shows that most parents play favorites when it comes to dealing with their children. Fathers tend to favor their youngest daughters while mothers tend to favorite their oldest sons. Do you find yourself favoring one of your children over the other?

Oct 9

Every once in a while, mom needs a day or even a few hours off, and that leaves dad in charge of the little ones. Chances are your baby or toddler spends more time with mom most days, especially if you are breastfeeding or a stay-at-home mom, so this may leave dad wondering what he can do to keep his little bundle of joy entertained. Don’t worry, BabyZone has come up with list of Daddy-Baby Playdates. The list has some traditional outings, such as the zoo or a ballgame, but what about taking baby to the car wash?

Sep 23

One of the great parenting debates is when to let your children have more freedom.  Whether you’re talking about allowing your kids to dress themselves or stay home alone, parents have very different ideas about the proper age for letting go and letting your child grow up. TodayMoms decided to conduct a survey, asking many parents what age is the proper age to let their  child do certain activities independently.  The results might surprise you.

Aug 25

Finding the right preschool these days can be just as daunting as finding the right college.  Parents want the best for their children and more and more kids are going to preschool to a head start on the school experience.  If you want to know what you should look for when choosing the right preschool, check out this article from one mom who recently made the big decision for her own daughter: 15 Signs of a Great Preschool.

Aug 2

When does it officially hit you that you’re a mom?  Baby Zone asked many celebrity moms (and a dad or two) that question, including Gabby Reece, Jewel, Kortney Kardashian, Joan Lunden, Brooke Burke, Claire Cooke, Laila Ali, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tori Spelling and more.

Jul 21

It may not come as too much of a surprise, but dads with kids tend to work more than those without kids.  As a matter of fact, 42% of dads with kids under 18 work over 50 hours a week.  But are dads working more to avoid the responsibilities of home life or are they working more because of the pressure to support their families?  Read more about the study from the Families and Work Institute and what one Atlanta dad has to say about it to find out. 

Jun 29

They are calling them “Dachelor” Parties.  It’s when a man and his buddies get together and have a party before he becomes a father.  It doesn’t involve silly baby shower games or petit fours; instead it involves beer and probably a sporting event or two.  Some are calling it only fair, as expecting moms are given a baby shower, but some are calling it an excuse to go out and party.  What do you think?

Jun 20

Just on the heels of Father’s Day, a new study suggests that having a good father helps prevent risky sexual behavior amongst teenage girls.  The study, conducted by the University of Arizona Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, looked at sets of sisters whose parents were divorced and whose parents stayed married.  It also studied a girl’s behavior until the age of 19.  Read more about the study here.

Jun 18

Father’s Day is tomorrow – a time to celebrate dads and grandfathers everywhere.  When many people think of fathers, they think of TV dads like Ward Cleaver or Andy Griffth, but what about dads in the movies?  Momformation takes a look at some favorite movie dads – who would you add to the list?