Feb 7

If your family has a baby rattle from the Lee Carter Co., you will want to learn more about this recall. The rattles, sold in craft stores nationwide, have been said to have a small handle that is a choking hazard. They cost around $4 and have been on sale for the last decade. If your child has one, take it away from him or her and return it to the store for a full refund.

Feb 4

It can happen to the best parents in the world. You turn your head for a second and your baby or toddler grabs your cup of coffee or something even hotter. While your first thought may be to panic, you’d be much better off taking a few steps to help reduce the heat. But what’s next? Check out these steps to treating a child’s burn.

Jan 28

If you’ve been shopping at IKEA, you’ll want to listen up: the company is recalling its ANTILOP high chairs.  Apparently, the buckle is capable of opening unexpectedly, and the retailer has had eight complaints from around the world so far. Check out The Stir to learn more about what you should do if you own one of the IKEA ANTILOP high chairs that have been recalled.

Jan 20

If you have a toddler, you know they are into everything. Fingers slide easily into electrical sockets and heads are constantly bumping into hard, wood furniture.  If your child is just becoming mobile and you’re scratching your head as to how you are going to prevent them from getting hurt, check out these ten childproofing must-haves from The Weather Channel.

Jan 1

If you and your kids visited the Build-a-Bear store recently, you need to listen up: the company is recalling 300,000 stuffed bears.   The Colorful Heart Teddy Bears are said to pose a choking hazard.  For more details on the risk and what you should do if you own one, check out Build-A-Bear Recalls 300,000 Stuffed Bears.

Dec 17

One of your worst nightmares is probably that your toddler will get into something they shouldn’t. Often, medication looks or tastes like candy and can be quite appealing to little ones who get their hands on it.  While we all do what we can to keep this from happening, over 60,000 children are seen in emergency rooms for accidental overdoses every year. What can you do to keep your child from adding to that number? Start by reading these six tips to keep medication safe from toddlers.

Dec 12

As a parent, you probably worry about house hold chemicals quite a bit. How and where should you store them? Which ones aren’t safe for kids and which ones do you need to have around the house? Luckily, WebMD has put together an article with everything you need to know about household chemicals.

Dec 6

Every year, people bring out their Poinsettias for the holidays, but parents are often worried whether the beautiful flowers associated with Christmas are poisonous for their children. So, are they?  WebMD answers the question: is a poinsettia really poisonous?

Dec 1

Ocean Spray’s Craisins are quite popular with families, but unfortunately, the company has issued a recall of the snack. The reason is that the bags potentially contain small pieces of metal. Be sure to check whether your bag of Ocean Spray Craisins is part of the recall.

Nov 26

When you buy a toy for your child, you probably assume what’s on the store shelves is safe, right?  Well, according to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, there are toys out there that cause everything from hearing damage to lead poisoning, and they’ve put together a list of those potentially dangerous toys.

Nov 26

You may not have headed out for Black Friday yesterday, but chances are you’ll be shopping soon. It’s the time of year when stores are busier than ever and everyone one in the world is out and about.  If you plan to bring your kids along for the ride, you might want to take a look at these child safety shopping tips. They might just help you this holiday season.

Nov 25

The American Academy of Pediatrics took a stronger stance against co-sleeping last month, and the news led to a series of advertisements that some parents are saying are over the top. The ads, put out by the Milwaukee Health Department, features pictures of babies sleeping with butcher knives. What do you think? Are these anti-co-sleeping ads over the top?

Nov 22

When your baby or toddler becomes mobile, you probably find yourself worrying about what kind of dangers your child will find in your home. You don’t want to go overboard and keep your baby in a bubble, but there are some precautions you’ll need to take. Looking for a happy medium? Check out Huffington Post’s Bubble Wrapped Babies.

Nov 5

According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, there are two chemicals used when making some Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos that are considered somewhat harmful for babies and could even eventually cause some cancers. Johnson and Johnson said it is currently phasing the chemicals out of their products, but they did not issue a direct statement as to when and how they’re doing it.

Oct 19

Have you ever left your toddler alone for a few minutes and come back to find a huge mess or a near dangerous situation? It doesn’t take long for those little hands to get into something they shouldn’t. With this in mind, Yahoo Shine points out 10 things you shouldn’t leave your toddler alone with. From makers to toilet paper, you shouldn’t miss this list.