Jan 24

We’ve all been there. You’re shopping or enjoying a meal in a restaurant and the kid next to you is loud, so loud that no one can enjoy themselves.  So, what do you do? Do you ignore it, send the parents a few nasty glares and hope they’ll get the message, or do you say something to the child? Modern Mom asks When is it OK to Discipline Other People’s Kids?

Jan 3

When it comes to kids playing video games, negativity abounds! You’re always hearing reasons why your kids shouldn’t be playing. Well, what if there were some reasons your child should play video games? Turns out, there are!  Check out 8 ways gaming is good for your kids.

Dec 29

Home births seem to be all the rage these days, but are they really better than hospital births? Giggle Gab takes a big look at home versus hospital births and the pros and cons of each.

Dec 26

Everyone loves Legos – those colorful little bricks can keep kids busy for hours. But for the most part, Legos have appealed more to boys than girls over the years, so what did the company do? They made Legos that appeal to girls, of course.  Unfortunately, some moms are all upset over this, because they feel the toys stereotype kids. What do you think?

Dec 24

It’s a debate that probably hits every household around Christmastime. Does Santa wrap his presents? For some, the joy of waking up to see a floor of toys and other goodies is what Santa Claus is all about. For others, the wrapping paper and bows make it a little bit more mysterious and a little bit more fun. What does Santa do at your house?

Dec 15

When mom Nikki Allan had her daughter’s pictures taken, she was excited. But when she received the results, she was less than thrilled. The photographer had airbrushed her two year old daughter’s birthmark out of the photos. The photographer claims he was well-intentioned, that it was a mistake, and has offered an apology. What do you think? Was this an easy mistake or was the photographer trying to make the child look “perfect?”

Dec 15

This study from the Journal of Family Psychology is sure to spark lots of debate. It claims that moms who work are happier and healthier.  What do you think?

Dec 8

These days, we do almost everything online, but what would you say to your young children going to a virtual school?  Online school for kids is on the rise these days, and there are many arguments for and against it. Where do you stand?

Nov 25

The American Academy of Pediatrics took a stronger stance against co-sleeping last month, and the news led to a series of advertisements that some parents are saying are over the top. The ads, put out by the Milwaukee Health Department, features pictures of babies sleeping with butcher knives. What do you think? Are these anti-co-sleeping ads over the top?

Nov 23

You wake up in the morning and get the kids dressed, fed, and packed for school, but that leaves very little time for you. Those sweatpants you slept in are suitable to walk your kid to the classroom door, right? Wrong. At least, it is wrong according to one school in the UK. The school has banned pajamas, claiming parents should be dressed respectfully while on school grounds. Do you agree?

Nov 13

Redbook has posted a “great mom debate” and it revolves around getting the flu shot this year. The flu and cold season is definitely upon us, and of course, it’s something every mom probably thinks about. So, what do you say? Will your family be getting the flu shot this year?

Nov 4

One school in Chicago has decided to start limiting children’s bathroom breaks. Are they allowing them one trip per class? One per day? Nope. Students will be allowed to use the bathroom at school three times during a semester. If they surpass the allotted three bathroom breaks, students will be forced to make up their lost time after school. The principal says the new rule is an attempt to do away with distractions, but parents are crying that it’s not fair and possibly even inhumane.  What do you think?

Oct 21

One of the most prominent debates amongst parents is the old cloth versus disposable diaper debate. Which one’s better for baby? Which one is better for the environment? Giggle Gab’s Ali Wing takes a look at the great diaper debate and the pros and cons of each type.

Oct 12

If your teenagers like to use a tanning bed in California, they won’t be able to anymore. The state passed a law that says kids must be 18 years or older to tan.  What do you think? Is this a good law or the government just trying to interfere in our lives?

Oct 9

An Oregon woman and her crying toddler were allegedly kicked off a public transit bus because the driver says the baby had been crying for a long time and it was disturbing her ability to drive. As you can imagine, the debate surrounding this story is quite heated, with many saying the bus driver was right to do what she did. After all, the safety of the other passengers was possibly at stake. But others say the bus driver should have handled it differently. What do you think?