Feb 17

Does your child love Clifford the Big Red Dog? Who doesn’t?  From invitation ideas to party favors and recipes, check out these great ideas for a Clifford themed birthday party from PBS kids.

Jan 4

When you bring a new baby into the home it can be difficult for everyone, especially your dog or cat. Sadly, many pets get discarded when the newest family member makes its arrival, but this doesn’t have to happen. Check out these tips for how to introduce your baby to the family pet.

Dec 6

Thinking about adding a dog or puppy to your family? Not sure what type of dog you want to get? Check out this list of the Top Ten Family Dogs. From Boston Terriers to Mastiffs, the list includes dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Nov 7

Teaching your child to love and care for animals is very important. Also, teaching your child about the responsibility that comes with owning a pet can be very important when they start asking if they can have one. PBS Kids recommends a great selection of kids’ books about dogs, ranging from books about pets at animal shelters to books that use dogs to teach foreign languages and so much more in between.  If your family enjoys animals or you and your kids are dog lovers, this list is a must-print for your next trip to the library or book store.

Jul 28

Introducing a new baby to the house can be a little discouraging for your furry babies who are probably used to being the center of attention.  Suddenly, they have to share your love with a tiny, loud, hairless creature.  With this in mind, the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan gives advice to parents about introducing the new baby to the old dog.

Jun 20

Is it a sweet treat or a cuddly pup?  Well, it looks like a little bit of both.  I’m talking about Petcakes, one of the hottest new plush toys on the market.  Each pet comes with a frosting hat and a cupcake wrapper that fits an animal inside.  You can choose from different “flavor” cupcakes with different breeds of dogs and other animals inside.

Jun 14

At some point, every parent will hear these five words: “Can I get a pet?”   And chances are, when your child asks that question, he or she will be way too young and irresponsible to take care of a puppy or a kitten.  Unless you want to spend your own time cleaning up after that puppy or changing that kitten’s litter box, you might want to get your child a starter pet.  The blog Breezy Mama has come up with a list of five great pets for kids – that is, pets that do not require as much attention as a puppy or kitten.  Choosing a smaller, low-maintenance pet might help your child become a little more responsible and prepare them for a bigger pet in the future.