Feb 8

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and what better way to celebrate than by doing a fun family craft? All you need are a few cheap, easy-to-find supplies and you and your kids can make these adorable wooden doll fairies.

Jan 1

If you and your kids visited the Build-a-Bear store recently, you need to listen up: the company is recalling 300,000 stuffed bears.   The Colorful Heart Teddy Bears are said to pose a choking hazard.  For more details on the risk and what you should do if you own one, check out Build-A-Bear Recalls 300,000 Stuffed Bears.

Dec 22

Remember that book about dieting for young girls? How about the breastfeeding baby doll? These are just few of the weird, outrageous and just plain strange products for kids and babies we saw this year.

Sep 17

If you’re child has a Chloe, Sophie, or Audrey soft doll from Pottery Barn Kids, you’ll want to listen up: the store has recalled over 80,000 of the dolls due to a strangulation hazard. The hair and headbands on the dolls are said to be large enough to fit around a child’s neck, though none of them have been known to cause any injuries.  Fore more information, check out: Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Over 80,000 Dolls Due To Strangulation Hazard.

Jun 26

American Girl dolls have been around for a quarter of a century now, meaning several generations of girls have grown up with Molly, Samantha, Addy, Kaya and the rest.   Whether they owned the dolls, read the books, or visit the stores, little girls  and their moms have made American Girl Dolls into an American tradition.  Read more about the role the dolls have played in the lives of girls over the last few decades at the Washington Post.