Feb 18

A trip to the grocery store can seem like a chore for many parents, but did you know it could actually turn into a educational field trip for kids?  Check out these great ideas from PBS on how to explore science at the market.

Feb 10

Learning to read is a great time for a child. They’re not only learning an important skill, but they are being introduced to a whole new world. Learning to read can be difficult though, and there are just some things you shouldn’t say to a new reader.

Feb 4

Do you homeschool your kids or are you thinking about homeschooling? If so, you might want to check out one mom’s thoughts on the subject: Homeschooling has its Good and Bad Days. She talks about the ups and downs of teaching your own children from home.

Feb 1

Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, which means we’ll all be waiting anxiously to see if that furry little critter sees his shadow.  Try celebrating the day and changing of the seasons by teaching your kids about Groundhog’s Day.

Jan 24

Ron Clark has developed quite a reputation as one of the nation’s top teachers, and he’s even developed his own school, along with writing books and articles about education. Now, Clark is telling parents what teachers really want to say to them and what you can do to help your child do better in school.


Jan 12

Encouraging young children to read is great, but many parents do not encourage pre-school age children to write. Why should they?  Studies show that kids are able to tell stories through pictures at a very young age and can even write complex stories by five years old. So, why not take a look at these tips that will help you raise a young writer.

Jan 10

Sesame Street has always had a reputation for being education, but they’re about to take it up a notch. The popular children’s show is about to start teaching science, technology, engineering and math in hopes of encouraging kids to love these subjects for a lifetime.

Jan 7

Winter break is over and if they haven’t already, your children will probably be going back to school next week.  In most places, it’s the start of the second half of the year, and what better time to crack down and work hard? Here are some tips for helping your child study and make good grades.

Dec 8

These days, we do almost everything online, but what would you say to your young children going to a virtual school?  Online school for kids is on the rise these days, and there are many arguments for and against it. Where do you stand?

Nov 28

One of the most difficult decisions every parent will face is choosing how to educate your children. Will they go to private school or public school or will you skip them both and homeschool? Will it cost more or less? Are you qualified to do it? How will your children make friends? Parent.net understands that you may have many questions about your child’s education, so they have put together a list of homeschooling pros and cons.

Nov 22

Here’s a fun activity that will not only teach your child (and maybe you) a thing or two, but the result is a yummy treat. You only need four items for this activity from PBS Kids. You’ll learn about reversible change and how things freeze, and then you can enjoy a frozen ice pop. Check out Frozen Fruit Super Fab Lab Investigation.

Nov 7

Teaching your child to love and care for animals is very important. Also, teaching your child about the responsibility that comes with owning a pet can be very important when they start asking if they can have one. PBS Kids recommends a great selection of kids’ books about dogs, ranging from books about pets at animal shelters to books that use dogs to teach foreign languages and so much more in between.  If your family enjoys animals or you and your kids are dog lovers, this list is a must-print for your next trip to the library or book store.

Nov 4

One school in Chicago has decided to start limiting children’s bathroom breaks. Are they allowing them one trip per class? One per day? Nope. Students will be allowed to use the bathroom at school three times during a semester. If they surpass the allotted three bathroom breaks, students will be forced to make up their lost time after school. The principal says the new rule is an attempt to do away with distractions, but parents are crying that it’s not fair and possibly even inhumane.  What do you think?

Oct 24

Teaching your child a second language can be something that helps him or her get very far in life. Not only will it help them succeed professionally and personally, but it can help them better understand their own language, as well as stimulate intellectual growth. Luckily, there are ways to help teach languages at home that do not require sitting in a classroom or listening to a boring CD. Check out PBS’s Learning Spanish Through Every Day Activities.

Oct 17

Getting little boys to read can be a little bit of a challenge when they’re itching to run around and play in the dirt. But reading is an excellent way to ensure your child has a lifelong enjoyment of learning, and it’s always great to encourage it. Looking for some picture books your boys will love? Whether it’s humor, fantasy, mystery, adventure, poetry, animals, sports and more, PBS Kids has compiled a great list of picture books for preschool and early elementary age boys.