Nov 13

Apples are the fruit of the season and usually a fruit that everyone loves, so what better way to celebrate fall than by creating some apple crafts?  Babble offers up some great idea for parents and kids alike, and they are great for a rainy day. Check out 15 Apple Inspired Crafts.

Oct 28

The World Series is coming to a close and the baseball season will soon be over, but that doesn’t mean your family’s love of baseball has to end with it. Check out this great list of baseball books for little sluggers and see if you can find a few good bedtime stories to replace those nightly games.

Oct 26

The nights are definitely getting cooler and after a long day of work, school, sports and whatever else it is your family does, it can be nice to unwind with a nice, hot, family-friendly drink at night. Looking for a good recipe? Look no further than this recipe for Hot Fall Cider. Not only does it taste good, but it’ll leave your house smelling like fall.

Oct 25

It’s apple season and what better way to celebrate the delicious fruit than with a few fun fall crafts?  Check out these 15 apple-inspired crafts from Babble. They’re fun for the whole family!

Oct 23

Fall is in full-swing, so why not celebrate with these ten fun fall activities? Harvest bowling, anyone?  Ever made your own scarecrow?

Oct 17

As a mom, you know you have to sneak in a workout anywhere you can, and this fall, that might just include the pumpkin patch. From obstacle courses to using your pumpkin like a medicine ball, you’ll definitely shape up if you try the fun fall exercises of the Pumpkin Patch Bootcamp. Maybe you can get the kids in on the workout fun, too!

Oct 16

When it comes to naming babies these days, parents seem to be finding more and more ways to choose unique names. If you’re having a baby this fall, you might want to consider choosing a seasonally inspired name for your little one. From Autumn to Octavia, check out Baby Zone’s list of fall inspired baby names.

Oct 12

Are you looking for a yummy treat that is perfect for the fall season?  Look no further than Babble’s recipe for Pumpkindoodle cookies. They’re like Snickerdoodles with a little pumpkin thrown in, and I hear they’re really yummy.

Oct 10

There’s no better way to get in the mood for Halloween than by diving into a spooktacular story. Check out Reader’s Digest’s list of 9 Great Halloween Books for Kids to find fun Halloween books for kids of all ages.

Oct 8

You can’t step foot inside your local supermarket without knowing that it’s pumpkin season. You might be surprised to find out that pumpkins aren’t just great decorations for the fall or Halloween, they actually make some pretty yummy recipes. From soup and bread to pancakes and lattes, check out these 21 pumpkin recipes for fall.

Oct 7

Are you and your children throwing a fall birthday party or even just a party to celebrate the season?  If so, you might want to check out this round-up of adorable fall party favors and invitations. Even if these aren’t your style, they might give you a few good ideas

Oct 5

Fall is in the air. The weather is cooler and football season is in full swing. Apples are at their ripest and the kids are back in school. Fall also seems to be a time for crafts and being creative. What better to decorate the house with than a fun, homemade project?  Check out this list of 22 Crafts to Celebrate Autumn. You’re sure to find something your family can do and who knows, you might just knock a few Christmas gifts off your list.

Oct 2

Fall is definitely the time for apples; it’s when the fruit is at its best. What better way to encourage your child to eat healthy and learn a thing or two this fall than enjoying a fun fall apple activity?  Arranging an apple testing, visiting an orchard and making applesauce are just a few of the fun ways you and your kids can enjoy apples this fall!

Sep 30

The weather is starting to get a little cooler and with school in session, your weeks are probably a little busier. So, what better way to spend the weekend than planning some cozy fall family time at home? Family Education has compiled a list of things you and your kids can do, including activities such as a fall scavenger hunt or a scrapbook of leaves; recipes such as harvest soup and a smooth apple smoothie; and much more.

Sep 30

Fall is in full swing and it can be one of the most fun seasons for decorating, because there are so many great ideas. For example, you might want to try one of these 20 fall wreath ideas that you can make yourself. These aren’t your grandma’s door wreaths; they feature some very unique ideas, and best of all, the whole family can help make them.