Nov 19

As the holidays draw near, most families will probably visit a mall or two to do a little shopping. Unfortunately, you aren’t just exposing yourself to great sales when you visit your local mall; you are also visiting a breeding grounds for germs, ranging from the flu to E.coli.  Wondering what you can do to help make your trip a little healthier? Check out’s 8 Germiest Places in the Mall.

Sep 4

Moms tend to freak out when their children are exposed to germs, but are those germs really as bad as we think?  From poop to the dog to that pacifier that spent a few secondson the floor, takes a look at some germy situations and explains whether or not it’s gross enough to freak out or something that you might be able to overlook.

Aug 19

Do your kids like to hit the playground when you go to McDonald’s or Burger King?  If so, you might want to take a look at this: Fast Food Playgrounds are Riddled with Poop.  After one mom discovered fecal matter while playing with her son on a fast food playground, she decided to see just how many others were equally dirty.  The findings:  8 out of 9 playgrounds tested were “riddle with poop.”

Mar 29

Could dirt be good for your child?  According to Dr. Mary Ruebush, author of the book Why Dirt is Good: 5 Ways to Make Germs Your Friends, it is.  Ruebush insists that your immune system needs to get a little workout every now and again to keep itself healthy.   So, next time your child decides to dig in the dirt, you might not want to rush them off to the bathtub so quickly!

Aug 25

Having your kids wash their hands on a regular basis not only helps prevent sticky handprints from getting on furniture, it also prevents illness. This is why getting children into the habit at a young age is so important. But, often children are resistant and find hand washing to be a chore that intrudes on their playtime. Making hand washing a fun activity helps teach kids how and when to wash their hands, and makes it a habit.

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