Feb 9

Do you have a child who is way beyond potty-training age but still wets the bed? Bed-wetting can be embarrassing for a child, annoying for parents and even be a sign of something more serious. With the advice of Dr. William Sears, here are 8 steps to a dry night.

Feb 7

For the next month or two, cold temperatures will be driving families south, and one of the most popular destinations will be Florida, particularly Disney World. If you are planning to hit up a Disney park in the near future, you’ll need a plan. And much of that plan will be based on how old your children are. Check out this Age-by-Age Guide to Disney World to help get you started.


Feb 6

In order for one to be successful, one must have excellent self-esteem. As parents, we want to help encourage our kids self-esteem so they will be successful. But how can we do it? Check out 3 ways to Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem.

Feb 2

Do you have a son or daughter who loves to help cook dinner or do the laundry? Taking care of a home is a very important part of life that every child will eventually face, but few get any practice while they’re young. Take a look at 5 Ways to Encourage Young Homemakers to see how you can help teach your kids to take pride in their living space.

Jan 30

Katherine Heigl isn’t just a famous actress, she’s a wife and a mother to a three-year-old little girl. And now, in a blog at iVillage, she talks about wanting her daughter to know her worth.


Jan 23

When are little girls grown up enough to wear make-up? It’s a question that is often debated, but there doesn’t seem to be a right answer. Some girls start playing with lipstick when they’re in preschool and some parents forbid it until their child is a teenager. What do you think?

Jan 23

When your baby gets to be about nine months old, feeding time becomes a little more difficult. Your baby may start eating some table foods, and baby food begins to become a thing of the past. By 12 months, at least half of your baby’s meals should consist of table foods. But how do you know how much is too much too soon or too late? Check out this article form Dr. Sears: Feeding the 9 to 12 Month Old.

Jan 20

Does your child need a role model? Experts say yes, and even if you don’t believe it, chances are your kids are going to find someone to look up to. If you’d rather them not decide they want to be just like a drug-pumping athlete, a foul-mouthed rapper, or attention-grabbing reality star, there are a few things you can do to help guide kids to the right role models.

Dec 31

Is your child asking where he  came from or how his little brother or sister got into mommy’s tummy? It may very well be time for you or your spouse to have the talk about the birds and the bees with your little one. Need some advice? Here are some tips for having ‘the talk’ about sex with your child.

Oct 21

Is your child begging you to let them have their first slumber party?  Well, you better be prepared. In case you’ve forgotten, slumber parties aren’t for slumber; they’re for fun. Before you say “yes” to your little one, you may want to make sure you’re prepared. Is your child old enough? Do you have the right activities planned? Should you insist upon a bedtime?  Here are some slumber party secrets you won’t want to miss.

Sep 23

One of the great parenting debates is when to let your children have more freedom.  Whether you’re talking about allowing your kids to dress themselves or stay home alone, parents have very different ideas about the proper age for letting go and letting your child grow up. TodayMoms decided to conduct a survey, asking many parents what age is the proper age to let their  child do certain activities independently.  The results might surprise you.

Aug 26

Everyone knows it’s back-to-school time and whether your child is just starting kindergarten or beginning their senior year, moms and dads don’t always know what to expect – especially when it’s their only or oldest child.  Let’s face it: times have changed since you were in school.  From social skills to academics, there is much new material to learn.  With this in mind, Parenthood.com offers a look at what to expect from each grade level.

Aug 24

There’s no better proof that your little ones are growing up than seeing them off on their first day of school, whether they’re starting kindergarten or high school. If you’re like most parents, you try to capture those fleeting moments with a picture of the big day, but those pictures can get a little boring year after year. If you’re looking for some new, unique ideas, check out these tips for back-to-school photography.

Aug 17

At some point in time your child will want to know where babies come from.  Maybe they’re about to have a new sibling or maybe they heard a classmate talking about the big S-E-X word.  Either way, it’s best to be prepared.  What better way to get ready for the answers to the questions your child is bound to ask than by getting a book about the subject.  Here is a list of great kids’ books that discuss sex, conception, and well, where babies come from.

Aug 14

We try to provide our children with a healthy diet, but how do you know what your child needs? Everyone in the world is handing out advice, but how do you know whose advice to follow?  Regardless of whether you decide to listen to your grandmother or your doctor, WebMD has put together a list of five nutrients that every child’s diet should include, no matter what.