Feb 17

It’s one of your worst nightmares as a parent: your child falls and suddenly can’t move her arm or leg, you hear a snapping sound, or it starts to swell. It can be a scary moment, but you shouldn’t panic. Here is a guide to what do when your child breaks a bone.

Feb 16

If you’re looking for a new family car, you might want to check this out. Parenting Magazine has named the Honda Odyssey the “Smartest Family Car of 2012.”  Find out why and if it’s the right car for you.

Feb 12

If you’re thinking about adding a new Wii game to your family’s collection, but you don’t know which one to choose, we’ve got the guide for you. Check out the Best Wii Games for Kids, for an age-by-age guide on what to buy your family.

Feb 7

For the next month or two, cold temperatures will be driving families south, and one of the most popular destinations will be Florida, particularly Disney World. If you are planning to hit up a Disney park in the near future, you’ll need a plan. And much of that plan will be based on how old your children are. Check out this Age-by-Age Guide to Disney World to help get you started.


Feb 5

With spring just around the corner, kids will be spending more and more time playing outdoors. This means every child will need a good pair of sneakers. Not looking forward to spending a ton of money on shoes? Check out this guide to buying cheap toddler girls sneakers.

Jan 28

When you were pregnant, did you have some wild and crazy dreams? Or are you a pregnant mom who is currently dreaming about the unimaginable? If so, you shouldn’t worry. Those dreams aren’t as bad as you may think. Check out what your crazy pregnancy dreams mean and why you have them.

Jan 26

Baby monitors are very important. They can help keep your baby safe and happy. So, when you purchase one, you want the best, right?  Check out Babble’s guide to the best baby monitors of 2012 before you head out to the store.


Jan 18

Does that teddy bear have a missing ear?  Is that transformer getting kind of grungy?  Maybe it’s time to take a look at this guide to cleaning and fixing toys from Real Simple.

Nov 28

If you’re wondering what to get your nine year old for Christmas this year, you’re in luck! Lil Sugar is doing an age-by-age shopping guide for the holidays. Check out their guide to gifts for nine year olds.

Nov 15

Moms love taking pictures of their kids, and the inventions of smartphones like the iPhone has made that easier than ever. Moms can take pictures whenever and wherever they have their phone. However, if you’re looking to spruce up your photos, you might want to check out these best iPhone camera apps for moms. With so many available, it’ll help you choose just what you need.

Nov 14

Leaving your child alone with a new person can leave you quite distressed, even if it’s someone you feel you can trust. Some people have resorted to setting up a small, hidden camera or “nanny cam” that videos what goes on in your home when you’re not there. Think this sounds like something you’d like to do? Check out iVillage’s guide to how to use a nanny cam.

Nov 8

Your child is back in school now, which means they’re surrounded by lots of germs. Throw in the cooler weather and the start of flu season, and it’s almost inevitable that your child will pick up some kind of illness over the next few months.  Worried? Dont’ be. Stay prepared with Real Simple’s Child Health Guide that explains 13 illnesses that can be picked up at school and how to prevent and treat them.

Oct 22

When you child makes that all-important transition from the bottle to the sippy cup, you probably find yourself standing in the baby aisle at your local store wondering which one to choose. These days, there are literally dozens of sippy cups to choose from and each one has its good and bad qualities. Check out Lil Sugar’s Guide to Finding the Best Sippy Cup.

Sep 3

Hurricane Irene just wreaked havoc on the nation and whether you were affected or not, your kids may have some questions about the storm.  Hopefully, it will be the only hurricane to hit the United States this year, but considering we’re in the midst of hurricane season, that may not be the case. If your child has questions about the hurricane, you’ll want to have answers, especially with the wall-to-wall coverage often offered by the news media. Check out About.com’s guide to talking to your child about hurricanes for help.