Feb 5

Parents everywhere often struggle with getting their kids to eat their veggies, and some studies show that this isn’t just a case of kids being stubborn. Vegetables can be bitter, and most kids just don’t like to eat bitter things. So, how can you get these healthy foods into your child’s stomach without a struggle? Check out: Three Foolproof Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies.

Jan 17

As a mom, you try to find healthy snacks for yourself that are both delicious and easy to grab when you have a rare moment between changing diapers and driving the kids to school.  Being a celebrity doesn’t change that. Check out these famous moms’ favorite healthy snack ideas.

Dec 19

Packing a lunch for your kids can be difficult, but packing a lunch when your child has a gluten allergy or if your family just doesn’t eat gluten can be even more of a loathsome task. Need some help? Check out these tips for packing a healthy, gluten-free lunch. You may even find some ways for mom and dad to eat healthier too.

Oct 21

Trick-or-treating may be all about the candy, but there are a few ways to make the season a little healthier. Instead of baking Halloween cookies, why not try a vegetable skeleton?  Don’t serve chips and dip at your Halloween party; opt for sweet potato dip with bell pepper strips. Looking for more healthy Halloween treat ideas?

Oct 19

Some moms get creative when it comes to fixing snacks for their children and let’s face it, some moms just don’t have time. Between work, school, and tons of other events, it can seem like your family is always on the go. Sound familiar? If you don’t have time to make fancy snacks, but you need some healthy options for snacks on the go, check these out from About.com.

Oct 13

No matter how many kids you have, how old they are, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, or a mom who works outside of the home, one thing is certain: you need energy. Being a mom is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. There are several ways to get more energy, but snacks packed with protein are a good place to start. Check out these 7 Energy Snacks for Moms.

Oct 4

The weather is getting cooler, which means flu and cold season is here. It also means your amazing pregnancy can become pretty ugly if you happen to catch the flu yourself. Not sure what medications you can take or how you can feel better without jeopardizing you and your child’s health? Check out How to Treat a Cold or Flu in Pregnancy for a few healthy tips.

Sep 24

Did you know whole grains are better than refined grains?  Did you know honey works as well as cough syrup? Did you know babies are eating real food instead of white rice cereal?  It’s all true and much more in Parenting.com’s resident pediatrician’s  Healthy Food Substitutions list.

Sep 16

School is back in session, which, for many parents, means packing up your child’s lunch box every day. If you’re lacking good lunch ideas, never fear, Sam Kass is here.  The assistant White House chef gives parents some lunch box ideas over at WebMD.

Aug 23

If you’re a new mom, eating regular meals has probably not been your top priority.  Between making sure your baby has everything he or she needs and trying to sneak in a nap here and there, who has time to cook?  If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. Parenting has some ideas for healthy, easy meals for new moms who just don’t have much time to cook.

Aug 14

We try to provide our children with a healthy diet, but how do you know what your child needs? Everyone in the world is handing out advice, but how do you know whose advice to follow?  Regardless of whether you decide to listen to your grandmother or your doctor, WebMD has put together a list of five nutrients that every child’s diet should include, no matter what.

Aug 14

With school back in session, parents across America are looking for easy, healthy ways to send their kids off with a hearty breakfast in their stomachs. Here are 17 quick and easy breakfast ideas (and they don’t include Pop-Tarts).

Aug 12

It’s that time of year.  If your kids aren’t already back in school, they will be soon and you’re probably getting ready for the new year in every way.  School lunches have come a long way over the years, and the Washington Post has taken noticed.  Wondering what’s in or out  or what’s good and healthy when it comes to school lunch or after-school snacks?  Check out the article for lots of tips and info.

Aug 1

Hot dogs, PB & J, mac & cheese – all family favorites, right?  But those types of foods can be loaded with calories and unhealthy ingredients.  WebMD’s Elaine McGee has a solution.  You don’t have to give up those foods,  just make them a little lighter.  Here are some ways to turn your family favorite dishes into healthier versions.

Jul 28

Looking for some cool treats that will help beat the heat?  Check out this fruity popsicle recipe from Lil Sugar.  It’s healthy, easy to make, and so much fun – kids can help too!