Aug 13

It’s the beginning of the school year, which means football players, cheerleaders, marching bands and other student athletes will more than likely be spending a great deal of time outside in the heat.  There have been stories over the years of children getting sick and even dying in the heat during such activities.  What is your thought on it?  If you have middle and high school students taking parts in these activities, do you trust your schools to look out for their safety or do you fear for their health and safety?

Jul 28

Looking for some cool treats that will help beat the heat?  Check out this fruity popsicle recipe from Lil Sugar.  It’s healthy, easy to make, and so much fun – kids can help too!

Jul 25

In most places throughout the United States right now, temperatures range from 90 to 110 degrees.  This makes playing outside a little difficult and even dangerous.  Luckily, Janice D’Arcy of the Washington Post had compiled a list of fun indoor activities that will keep you safe – and cool – inside your home.

Jul 23

There are very few places across the country where temperatures are not well into the 90′s, if not the 100′s.  Unfortunately, this can be a very dangerous, especially for your children.  If you need some ideas for keeping cool (and safe) during this heat wave, check out the Chicago Tribune’s professional advice.

May 23

It’s that time of year when frozen treats start becoming more and more popular.  Not only are they tasty, but they help beat the spring and summer heat.   If you’re tired of the same old store-bought popsicles and ice cream, why not try to make your own?   The website Inhabitots has a great recipe for Organic Mango Berry Pops.  Doesn’t that just sound yummy?