Aug 28

Summer is great for fun but some kids’ activities could harm the environment – like water balloons. The following ideas from Margaret Hyde of Huffington Post would create the best Eco-Friendly Summer Fun for Kids without hurting Mother Nature:

1. Grow a garden play area
- Plant sunflowers to create a maze or a beautiful natural playground in your backyard. Planting a “pizza garden” (tomatoes, oregano, basil) is also a great idea. Harvest them with your kids at the end of summer and make the best homemade pizza.
2. Create a natural art box mobile
- Materials: box, translucent contact paper, string, pebbles, rocks, small twigs, flowers, and some homemade paint (egg white and red ochre blush and charcoal). View some ancient cave art pictures with your child for inspirations.
3. Make toys and crafts from boxes
- Big boxes make great puppet theaters and tunnel playhouses. Medium boxes could be made into train tunnels or matchbox car highways.
4. Add some scent to Play Dough
- Create an “Around the World” Play dough and add different spices like lemongrass and ginger for an Asian smelling clay, or cumin and turmeric for an Indian scented play.
5. Make your own water sponge toys
- Instead of water balloons, why not play with water sponge toys instead? It’s easy to throw around and leaves no rubber trash behind.
6. Do some finger painting
- No brush use but only fingers. Use non-toxic finger paint [cornstarch, water, and food color] for a fun messy activity.
7. Colored rice and pasta (using non-toxic coloring)
- Use food color and some (quick drying) rubbing alcohol for your colored rice and pasta . The kids could use these in spatial relationship play and/or crafting. Let the kids pour them into cups or use to make necklaces or to glue onto their artwork.
8. Sand box treasure hunting
- Buy some inexpensive environment-friendly toy pirate ‘loots’ (“fool’s good” pyrite) and bury them in your kid’s sand box. Have the kids dress up into pirates and let them dig up their gold.
9. Make a toilet paper tube bird feeder
- Take a toilet paper tube and recycle it by covering with peanut butter and rolling in birdseeds. It’s a worthwhile activity for kids.
10. Create a backyard beach
- Buy several bags of sand from the hardware store or local garden shed and spread it out in the kiddy pool or just anywhere you can enjoy it in your own backyard. Next, place some sea shells, sand dollars, and even driftwood you’ve collected from your previous trips to the beach. Then, take out the beach umbrella and sand toys.

Let your kids engage with fun and nature in these activities. Which of these green summertime ideas you’d be trying with your kids?

Mar 15

If you celebrate Easter, you probably dye eggs with your children, but the same old thing can get pretty boring year after year.  Luckily Baby Center’s Momformation blog has come up with a list of five fun “egg-cellent Easter crafts” for you to do with your child.  These ideas are definitely unique.

Jan 19

Live in a small space but want to make your child’s birthday party a big hit? How about taking the party to your windows? Check out what one apartment owner did to liven things up. Not only is it fun, but it’s inexpensive.

Jan 16

Remember the fun you had when your family got a new refrigerator and you got to turn the box into a playhouse?  What about those paper airplanes you built with your dad? Real Simple has come up with a few great ideas such as these to enjoy some family fun without breaking the bank.

Jan 1

If your child is celebrating a big birthday this year, you’re probably looking for the perfect cake for their party. Need some ideas? Check out these fun first birthday cakes from The Bump. There’s everything from butterflies to Sesame Street.

Dec 20

The big day is almost here, and if you haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping, you might want to take a look at these great, last-minute stocking stuffer ideas.

Dec 12

What do you do when your child decides he or she doesn’t want to eat meat? If you are a vegetarian, it may be an easy task to handle, but if you’re not, you might be entering a strange new world. You want to keep your kids happy and healthy at the same time. You’ll need to find new ways for them to get iron, protein, and several vitamins. Food Network offers up some great tips for feeding a vegetarian child.

Dec 6

Kids tend to spend so many hours looking at screens or playing with gadgets that require batteries and plugs these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to a simpler time? Real Simple offers some good old-fashioned playtime ideas that’ll get your kids out of the house, or at least away from the gadgets!

Nov 25

If you’re planning a baby shower in the near futue and you want to make it extra special, you’ll definitely want to check out these 25 must-see baby shower cakes.  They’re goregeous, easy to make, and they’ll leave a good impression with party guests!

Nov 21

You may be thrilled to have your babysitter over for  a night out, but whether it’s a trusted relative or the new teenager from your neighborhood, you’re probably going to worry about how much work you’re leaving for them. You want your kids to be safe and well taken care of, and one way to make that happen is to be sure to leave something easy for dinner. If you don’t do frozen food or prefer not to order pizza, take a look at these 10 Easy Babysitter Recipes from Weelicious.

Nov 8

Going to the local farmer’s market can be a great activity for the whole family. You can buy and learn about healthy foods, have fun, spend time together, and even get a little exercise as you walk around, checking out the merchandise. So, how can you help your kids enjoy the experience more? Check out 10 ways to involve your kids at the farmer’s market.

Oct 23

Fall is in full-swing, so why not celebrate with these ten fun fall activities? Harvest bowling, anyone?  Ever made your own scarecrow?

Oct 22

Getting tired of having the same old jack-o-lantern every year?  If so, you might want to listen up. Yahoo suggests 10 fun ways to carve a pumpkin, ranging from pumpkins in the shape of a hamburger to “scared pumpkin pie.”

Oct 14

If you’re looking for a cute set of matching Halloween costumes for twins, triplets and other sets of siblings, look no further than Lil Sugar’s costume ideas for siblings. From Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to the cheerleader and the football player, you’ll find cute, unique ideas for kids of all ages.

Oct 2

So, your baby is turning one and your family and friends are expecting  a big celebration. You’re probably too caught up in wondering how time went by so quickly, but you know you need to make the party memorable. How do you do it? You can start by checking out these First Birthday Party Survival Tips from Babies Online. You might get some great ideas!