Jul 22

Parenting Magazine’s Parenting Ages & Stages iPhone app has been so successful that the company is releasing a similar app for Droid phones.  The app is number two app in the Lifestyles category at Apple’s App Store.   It provides parents with information about their child’s development and milestones.

Dec 14

Do you have kids who can’t keep their hands off your iPhone or iPad? If so, you might want to check out the best kids’ apps of 2011. Some are free, some are educational, and best of all, they’ll all help you keep your child entertained.

Nov 15

Moms love taking pictures of their kids, and the inventions of smartphones like the iPhone has made that easier than ever. Moms can take pictures whenever and wherever they have their phone. However, if you’re looking to spruce up your photos, you might want to check out these best iPhone camera apps for moms. With so many available, it’ll help you choose just what you need.

Nov 2

Moms love their iPhones. Whether they’re using them to get organized for the grocery store or taking a few minutes away from the kids to entertain themselves with a round of Angry Birds, the little gadgets can fill many needs. Now you can add baby monitor to that list. The new service Evoz turns your iPhone into a baby monitor by allowing you place a device in your baby’s room and log on from any iPhone to keep an ear on your little one.

Oct 6

Do your kids groan and grumble every time you tell them to make their bed or do the dishes?  If so, you might want to check out these iPhone, iPad, Android and Internet apps that turn cleaning the house into something a little more fun and exciting.

Jul 24

Looking for some apps to help you organize the everyday tasks and trials of parenting? The BreezyMama website asked its own resident app guru to come up with apps that have been tried and tested by real parents.  From iPhone to iPad, take a look at some of the best apps for parents.

Mar 30

With everyone on the go these days, the more you can do with your cell phone the better, or so it seems.  From checking email to listening to music, it seems as if phones aren’t just for talking anymore.  And now you can add parenting to that ever-growing  list.  The website Appolicious has put together a list of apps that can help make your parenting journey a little easier.   The apps aren’t going to watch your child for you, but they can help you get organized, keep up with important information, and even help you find things to do with your kids in your area.

Mar 27

Do you or your spouse travel for work?  Do you miss reading a bedtime story to your child?  If you have an iPad and iPhone, there’s now an app that will prevent you from ever missing that bedtime story again.  “Nursery Rhymes with Story Time” let’s you plug a microphone into your iPhone and read a story while your child uses the iPad to “turn the pages.”   If you already have the technology, the app is only $4.99, but if you don’t have an iPad, it might just be easier to do bedtime stories the good old-fashioned way when you return from your trip: with a book!