Aug 14

Summer living may be a lot easier or laid back, but it certainly is not the time to waste the chance for your kids to learn, letting them just slack the entire summer. Summer is the perfect opportunity to let them learn some important life skills they would need as they grow older. You can become a better parent and guide them through in learning the following life skills:

1. Domestic Resposibility. Let them take on the bigger chores at home like doing the laundry or mowing the lawn. This will help them learn some important “move-out-skills” which they would be able to use once they become someone else’s roommate.

2. Self-entertainment. Let them learn to entertain themselves independently, or without the use of a computer or TV. Get your kids a library card or a digital camera (which they can take around the neighborhood to explore and discover things they had never thought so interesting).

3. Time management. This is a very important skill to learn which helps them become more in control of their life and activities. Help them plan out all your family’s upcoming summer activities, marking them down in the calendar.

4. Body-Mind learning. Physical skills are just as important as academic skills. Encourage your kid to be more physically active by letting him engage more in sports, and to learn skills through observation instead of reading.

5. Inter-age communication. At school, your kid is mostly with other kids his age so learning to communicate with people in other age-groups is something he needs to practice outside of school. Assign him to become a baby sitter to his younger cousins or let him chat up with different people in the grocery store, or, you let his grandparents visit often so they could talk.

6. Goal-setting. This summer, let your kids grab the opportunity to set a goal and achieve it, whether finishing reading an (n) number of pages or doing an (n) number of pushups. It will challenge his skills and boost his confidence.

You can read more about how you can help your kids learn some life skills during summer on (Article by Asha Dornfest, the Accidental Expert)

Feb 10

Learning to read is a great time for a child. They’re not only learning an important skill, but they are being introduced to a whole new world. Learning to read can be difficult though, and there are just some things you shouldn’t say to a new reader.

Feb 1

Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, which means we’ll all be waiting anxiously to see if that furry little critter sees his shadow.  Try celebrating the day and changing of the seasons by teaching your kids about Groundhog’s Day.

Nov 22

Here’s a fun activity that will not only teach your child (and maybe you) a thing or two, but the result is a yummy treat. You only need four items for this activity from PBS Kids. You’ll learn about reversible change and how things freeze, and then you can enjoy a frozen ice pop. Check out Frozen Fruit Super Fab Lab Investigation.

Oct 30

Hispanic Heritage Month may be over, but it’s never too late to help your child learn about different cultures and people.  One great way to do that is through reading. Check out this list of great books about Hispanic culture.

Oct 24

Teaching your child a second language can be something that helps him or her get very far in life. Not only will it help them succeed professionally and personally, but it can help them better understand their own language, as well as stimulate intellectual growth. Luckily, there are ways to help teach languages at home that do not require sitting in a classroom or listening to a boring CD. Check out PBS’s Learning Spanish Through Every Day Activities.

Oct 12

This book is fire safety week, and no matter what age your child is, they’re never too young to learn not to play with fire. With this in mind, has come up with a list of fire safety picture books that your little one will love. They’ll help you teach something very important while holding your child’s interest.

Oct 8

Is your little one looking to learn about gardening and the great outdoors? If so, you might want to check out this 2011 National Parenting Publication Award-winning book, The Budding Gardener. The book is full of pictures and information that introduce young children to the world of plants and caring for them.

Sep 20

Every parent loves the idea of teaching their children a foreign language, and in today’s growing world, it can be quite a useful tool to have when they grow up. But what’s the best way to do that without overwhelming your child? PBS Parents takes a look at ways to introduce your kids to foreign languages.

Sep 19

Let’s face it: if you have an iPad and a child, there’s a good chance said child enjoys playing with said iPad as much you do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your iPad can become a great learning tool for kids of all ages, especially preschoolers. With in mind, Lil Sugar has compiled a list of great iPad Apps for Preschoolers.   You’ll find a little bit of everything, from reading and science to puzzles and games.

Aug 16

Children begin reading at different ages, but when your young toddler starts recognizing letters of the alphabet, you might wonder if it’s time to teach them to read or you might be wondering if you should hold off and let them wait until they’re school age.  If you’ve recently found yourself in this situation, you might want to take a look at this: The Bump allowed several moms to sound off on the question, “how young is too young to read,” and they’ve got some unique answers.

Jun 28

There’s a camp in Philadelphia where kids are leaning how to knit, and it’s more than meets the eye.  Some parents may see the art as silly or frivolous, but as an WPVI reporter points out, kids are learning more than how to make scarves and sweaters.  Math, motor skills and hand-eye coordination are just some of the skills kids use.  And if you think the camp is just for girls, guess again: about a quarter of all members are boys.  Something else to think about…

Jun 24

School’s out for the summer.  What will your children be doing?  You want them to stay entertained without rotting their brain.  You want them to keep learning without working them too hard.   You also want to find great activities for them without working them too hard.  So, what’s a parent to do?  Check out these ideas for keeping kids active this summer.   From art to cooking, reading to science projects – there’s something for everyone!

Apr 13

They say kids learn languages much easier than adults do, and with the world becoming more and more multicultural, learning a new language seems like a logical thing to do.  Not convinced?  From traveling with ease to an increase in employment opportunities when they grow up, Earnest Parenting has come up with five good reasons why your child should learn Spanish now.

Apr 3

Learning should be fun for toddlers.  At least that’s what Julian Anthony of Literacy News believes.  According to Anthony, encouraging your toddler’s imagination is the key to their education at that stage of brain development.  A toddler’s brain will soak up the most information when he or she is having fun doing various activities, even if they are meant to be educational.