Dec 6

Thinking about adding a dog or puppy to your family? Not sure what type of dog you want to get? Check out this list of the Top Ten Family Dogs. From Boston Terriers to Mastiffs, the list includes dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Oct 28

The World Series is coming to a close and the baseball season will soon be over, but that doesn’t mean your family’s love of baseball has to end with it. Check out this great list of baseball books for little sluggers and see if you can find a few good bedtime stories to replace those nightly games.

Sep 24

When it comes to attention spans, your toddler probably doesn’t have a very big one, but sometimes you just wish you could keep them occupied for ten minutes so you can finish cooking, go to the bathroom or answer your email, right? Never fear, BabyZone has put together a list of ten activities that are sure to keep your toddler entertained for at least ten minutes.

Sep 22

When you discover you’re pregnant, one of the first things you usually want to do is start shopping.  By the time your baby is born, you’re probably overwhelmed with gifts and gadgets that you just had to have, but as it turns out, you probably just don’t need them.  Take a look at this list of baby products you don’t need.  Admit it, you thought about getting that baby mop didn’t you?

Aug 27

When it comes to texting, some parents may feel like they’re living in the dark ages.  On the other hand, most teenagers seem to only be able to communicate via text message. How do you bridge the gap? The young authors of the book When Parents Text offer up a few fun (and sometimes silly) tips for parents who want to text their teens.

Aug 20

After spending a summer with the kids at home, chances are you’re ready to sneak in some me-time.  But how can you do it when everyone is always demanding constant attention?  From grocery shopping to spending some extra moments in the bathroom with a book, here is a look at 10 ways moms are sneaking in a little stress-free time for themselves.

Aug 16

Fall can be a great time to sit out on the front porch and read or cozy up at night for a bedtime story. With this in mind, Lil Sugar has put together a list of books for every age, genre and gender, based on August bestsellers and this year’s award winners. You won’t want to head to the library without this great list.

Aug 10

With school being just around the corner (if your kids are not back already), you’re probably looking for something fun to do to unwind on the weekends.  Why not a family movie night?  Check out this list of the 20 Best Family Movies for some ideas!  You’ll find old favorites and some new releases.

Jul 18

Being a mom can be rough.  While many look at motherhood as a life of leisure, parents know that raising a child is anything but easy.   All privacy and time to yourself goes right out the window.   With that in mind, Jennifer Houck of Momformation explains seven reasons why moms need a night off. 

Jul 3

Summer vacation time is here, which means lots of families will be traveling around the country and even the world by plane.  Long plane rides with children can be a nightmare.  Luckily, has come up with 50 ways to entertain your child on a plane.  This list could be a life-saver!

Jun 23

We all have them – favorite gadgets that make the task of parenting a little bit easier.  Whether it’s a certain style of stroller or that one toy that calms you child down every single time, there must be something you just couldn’t live without.  With this in mind, Babble takes a look the best parenting inventions of all time.

Jun 14

Communication between teenagers and parents can be, well, nonexistent, but chances are, even though your child isn’t talking, he or she wants to be.   Kids want their parents to understand them, even if they shut themselves in their room and ignore you for most of their waking lives.   What exactly do they want you to know?  Check out this list of Things Every Teen Wants Their Parents to Know.

Jun 13

School’s out for the summer!  So, what do you and your kids plan to do to celebrate?  If you’re looking for ideas, check out Momformation’s “7 Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School.” Ideas include “Pajama Day,” planting a garden and creating a list of books to read this summer!

Jun 13

For some reason, when women are pregnant, people tend to lose all manners and say and do things they’d never do in any other circumstance.  The Bump has come up with a list of fifteen of those unfortunate social blunders and a list of great comebacks for expectant moms.   If you’re expecting or know someone who is, you might want to take a look!

May 17

If you’re not yet a parent, but you’re thinking about adding a little one to the mix, you might want to take a look at this list first.  From road trips to days spent in bed, The Nest suggests 15 Things to Do Before You Have Kids.  Don’t worry, if you are already a parent, you might want to take a look too, so you can remember the days when you had a white furniture or listened to whatever music you wanted in the car.