Jan 27

It’s that time of year when families everywhere are being plagued with colds, fevers and the flu. Your medicine cabinet is probably extra packed with medications for your family’s ailments, but what should you know about these products? Calling your doctor is always the best thing to do when you have questions, but this guide to cold and cough medication will help get you started.

Dec 17

One of your worst nightmares is probably that your toddler will get into something they shouldn’t. Often, medication looks or tastes like candy and can be quite appealing to little ones who get their hands on it.  While we all do what we can to keep this from happening, over 60,000 children are seen in emergency rooms for accidental overdoses every year. What can you do to keep your child from adding to that number? Start by reading these six tips to keep medication safe from toddlers.

Nov 1

We’ve reached the time of year for colds, flu and all types of allergies, but what do you need to know about treating the sniffles or a stuffy nose? Health.com offers 14 Tips for Treating Kids’ Colds. You won’t want to miss it.

Jul 3

In early May, the Food and Drug Administration released a guide for pharmaceutical companies who sell kids’ medications.  Why?  The FDA claims that with so many different ways to administer medicine, overdoses are becoming more and more common.  In addition to following the dosing guidelines, parents should keep a few other things in mind, including the weight of the child receiving medication, where medication can be safely kept out of your child’s hands, and what medications can and can’t be given with others.  Never be afraid to contact a doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you have a question about your child’s medication.

May 4

When it comes to asthma and breathing issues, it may seem like an issue for larger cities.  After all, we’re always hearing about smog and poor air quality.  However, a recent study from Vanderbilt University shows that the condition is often found in rural children, and sadly, those kids aren’t getting the treatment and medication they need.