Jan 26

Peyton is a popular baby name these days, but did you know that some of those babies may have been named after Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback?  Celebrity trends tend to influence baby names in the United States, and famous athletes are no different. Check out these baby names that are inspired by popular athletes.

Jan 19

Do you know someone named Jolene or Mandy? Have you ever wondered how they got their names? It could just be a coincidence, but it’s quite possible Dolly Parton and Barry Manilow had a little something to do with it.  If you’re looking for a “rockin’ name” for your baby, check out these names based on popular songs.

Dec 20

If you’re expecting a baby soon, and you’re looking for some festive names, you might want to check this out: 30 baby names perfect for December babies from Babble.  Sure, some of them are a little silly – Griswold anyone? – but they’re fun to read, and who knows, you might just find one you like.

Dec 1

If you’re expecting a baby and looking for the right name, look no further! The official list of popular baby names from 2011 is here. Did your favorite names make the top ten?

Nov 29

Many decisions may go into the name you choose for your new baby. Names you love and hate, family names, sentimental names and so much more can be a big influence on your final decision. But what about a search engine? These days, many parents are turning to Google to find out how their potential baby  name stacks up against the world.

Nov 2

According to a recent survey, eight percent of parents regret the name they chose for their baby. Most of the regret had to do with the name becoming either too trendy or common. Do you regret your child’s name?

Sep 26

Have you ever thought about what people in other countries are naming their children? Are you expecting a new baby and trying to figure out a name that’s original or represents your origins?  For whatever reason you might be considering an international baby name, check out Lil Sugar’s Popular Baby Names Around the World Quiz. You might just find a name or two that you love!

Aug 6

When you name your child something clever and unique, you may think you’re being cute and independent, but, well, it could be harmful to your child.  Check out this interview with Rodney Kellum, the co-author of the book What Yo Name Iz? to find out why.

Jul 27

The popular baby name website Nameberry has reported that trends in baby naming are changing these days.  In the past, parents have turned to family names and personal meaning, but in 2011, celebrities seem to have all the influence.  Whether parents are naming their babies after the hottest celebrities – think “Pippa” after Kate Middleton’s younger sister or “Mila” after actress Mila Kunis – or after famous celebrity babies – think “Flynn” after Orlando Bloom’s infant son, one thing is certain: there’s a new crop of names making their way to the “most popular” list. 

Jul 26

If you plan on moving to New Zealand and naming your baby after a number, think again.  The country has announced that “weird” names will be banned.  The measurement for what exactly constitutes a “weird”  name has not been set, but punctuation marks, numbers, Messiah, Lucifer and Duke are among the names that have been banned.  Does your child have a name that might be considered “weird” in New Zealand?

Jul 3

It seems as though baby names are becoming more and more unique these days, but more conservative parents are giving their little ones traditional names and saving the creativity for the child’s middle name.  Some moms are using their maiden name for their sons’ and daughters’ middle names, while some moms are choosing names that you wouldn’t think are names at all.  And, of course, there are the old standbys – Elizabeth, Marie, Nicole, etc.  Are you taking advantage of any of these trends?  What’s your child’s middle name?

Jun 13

Celebrities have been giving their children unusual names for decades – from Frank Zappa’s Moon Unit to Alicia Silverstone’s new addition, Bear Blu.  But recently, an Israeli couple possibly outdid them all.  The Adler family wasn’t sure what to name their daughter, but found some inspiration in a popular Facebook button. ” Like” Adler’s father calls the name “modern and innovative.”

May 9

Are you expecting a baby soon?  Have you picked out a name for your son or daughter yet?  If not, one reason may just be that mom and dad can’t decide on one name they both love.  If this is the case, Parents offers Six Steps to the Perfect Baby Name.  Check it out; maybe you’ll have a new name for your baby within an hour!

Mar 28

At the end of every year, the top baby names are released, and many people check to see if their baby’s name or their own name made the cut.  However, why wait until next January to find out what will be popular in 2011?  The year is not even three months old, but Parenting.com is already predicting what names will be popular with parents in the coming year.  From celebrity trends to names based on a popular vampire book and movie series, find out what names are expected to be popular this year.