Aug 17

The relationship between the mother and father of a child greatly affects the parenting set-up for the child even after divorce or legal separation. This is especially true for ex-spouses who are court-ordered to share legal and physical custody of their child or children.

A new study by the Kansas State University has identified some crucial factors that affect how ex-partner parents succeed in co-parenting.

45% of the mothers from the study group have a “contentious relationship” with their exes even in the area of co-parenting their children. The mothers state that there is a conflict in the way they see their exes raise (or cannot raise) the children, and most of the women said they do not want to share custody, but only have to because of the court ruling.

On the other hand, 35% of the mothers have a “bad-to-better” co-parenting relationship with their children’s father. During the earlier phase post the separation, the relationship was contentious but improved eventually as the mothers began to think that their exes are good parents after all. The mothers also state that they were not able to have a more amicable co-parenting relationship in the beginning because personal issues were in still the way. The parents had to change this relationship for the sake of the children, hence made a conscious effort to work things out in order to succeed in co-parenting the kids. It has been found that good communication between the ex-partners greatly helps with their success in co-parenting.

Meanwhile nearly-half of the subject mothers are still in animosity-terms with their ex-partners, and they still continue to have a contentious (almost no-communication) co-parenting relationship with their exes. They do not see that cooperation and a less-conflicted relationship would help improve their current shared-custody situation.

Jan 4

Occasionally twins will be born around midnight, which leads to each child having a different birthday, but on December 31, 2011, three sets of twins were born in different years. There will be no debating who is older when it comes to these babies. Half of them were born in 2011 and the other half were born in 2012.

Dec 20

Remember the Tiger Mother? What about arsenic in the apple juice? They’re just two of the big parenting stories of 2011 that may have changed the way people raised their kids.

Dec 15

When mom Nikki Allan had her daughter’s pictures taken, she was excited. But when she received the results, she was less than thrilled. The photographer had airbrushed her two year old daughter’s birthmark out of the photos. The photographer claims he was well-intentioned, that it was a mistake, and has offered an apology. What do you think? Was this an easy mistake or was the photographer trying to make the child look “perfect?”

Sep 17

There have been a lot of big news stories lately: the anniversary of September 11, earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, and the bad economy to name a few.  While your children may not spend their weekdays parked in front of the evening news, chances are you do and kids hear bits and pieces of what’s going on.  If they’re not getting it there, they’re probably hearing some of it at school from other kids and even teachers.  So, how do you explain all the bad stuff going on in the world to a little mind that can’t quite comprehend it all?  PBS has a few ideas to help parents talk to kids about the news.

Sep 12

If your child was not yet born or too young to understand what was going on ten years ago, you probably spent a good bit of time this weekend explaining what September 11 means. With everyone talking about where they were the day the World Trade Center fell and news stations playing non-stop footage, your little ones may have a lot of questions.  If you don’t think your explanation alone is enough to teach your children about that day, you might want to check out these child-friendly books about September 11. The books are deemed age appropriate enough to help even the youngest of children learn about that tragic day.

Sep 3

Hurricane Irene just wreaked havoc on the nation and whether you were affected or not, your kids may have some questions about the storm.  Hopefully, it will be the only hurricane to hit the United States this year, but considering we’re in the midst of hurricane season, that may not be the case. If your child has questions about the hurricane, you’ll want to have answers, especially with the wall-to-wall coverage often offered by the news media. Check out’s guide to talking to your child about hurricanes for help.

Jul 17

Last week, the nation was horrified to learn that a little boy in New York, who was walking home alone for the first time, had been brutally murdered by the very person he’d stopped to ask for directions.  The little boy was almost nine years old.  This led to many discussions about how old kids should be when they are allowed to walk in public alone.   What do you think?  Was the little boy too young to be alone or was he just the victim of unfortunate circumstances?

Jun 13

Celebrities have been giving their children unusual names for decades – from Frank Zappa’s Moon Unit to Alicia Silverstone’s new addition, Bear Blu.  But recently, an Israeli couple possibly outdid them all.  The Adler family wasn’t sure what to name their daughter, but found some inspiration in a popular Facebook button. ” Like” Adler’s father calls the name “modern and innovative.”

May 11

Do your kids know how to perform CPR?  If not, you may want to see to it that they get certified, or at least let them watch more TV.  A nine year old boy in Arizona found his sister floating in a swimming pool at their grandmother’s house and knew exactly what to do, he says, because he saw someone on TV perform CPR.   Thanks to this boy, his sister is doing well.  Kind of makes you want to get your own kids certified in CPR, right?  You never know when it will come in handy.