Jul 9

If you’re a mom, you probably already keep a camera within reach at all times, and now that it’s summer, you probably take even more pictures than ever!  Summer means more time on vacation and outside, which means more scenery, more time together, etc.  However, sometimes, pictures of the kids can become a little mundane – the same thing day after day.  Why not spice things up?  Lil Sugar has a list of must-take summer photos.  From a beach picture to a picture with your little one wearing your sunglasses, check out these must-take summer pictures.

Jul 6

The word “chore” seems to turn most people, especially children, in the opposite direction, especially when those chores are outdoors in the middle of hot summer.  However, if your little one isn’t exactly ready to go outside to wash windows or sweep off the porch, you can turn those chores and more into a fun game.  Check out Turning Outdoor Chores Into Summer Fun.

May 28

With summer officially underway, you’ll probably find that your family is spending more and more time outside.  Whether it’s on the beach for a family vacation or just in the backyard playing ball or grilling out, you’ll more than likely spend a good bit of time in the sun.  The importance of sunscreen should not be overlooked in this day and time, but how do you know which one is right for your kids?   Check  out a few tips and facts about sunscreen.