Sep 7

We all know that the moment you become a parent, everything changes. Everything becomes hectic. And not only that – you become (too) engrossed in being a parent, a good parent, the best parent you could ever be for your kids. However, there is something that you are missing – friends, family, and social relationships.

When you have turned into a parent, suddenly you are isolated from the outside world. You lose communication with your siblings and you no longer have a social life. And it is perfectly understandable. After all, the most important thing now is your own family and kids. Sometimes though, it is better if you could still get to enjoy your old life and bond with those people who had been a part of your life. Reunions and special non-working holiday gatherings give you this opportunity. You can catch up with your old acquaintances, reconnect with your brother or sister, who is most probably also a parent now, you can share advices, and just overall have a good time amid the good food and chitchats.

So, the next time there is a holiday, choose to accept party or celebration invitations that you have been ignoring. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a more worthwhile respite. You can laze around your house some other time.

Inspiration Article:
‘Smart Parenting: Love All Around’

Sep 2

Are you trying to become the best parent for your kids? But are you trying too hard? There is a very thin line between good parenting and Over-Parenting, and over-parenting turns out to be counterproductive for our kids than what we would have wanted otherwise.

Psychologist, educator, author, and consultant Madeline Levine points out some fallacies in some of the different ways we’re doing over-parenting We really want to avoid these if we want our kids to truly succeed in life.

Levine also shares some tips, so make sure you check out the article. It’s a worthy read for all concerned parents.

Aug 19

We all know that having kids is not easy. But couples still keep on having kids and parents prove to be happier than their child-free friends. Yes being a parent is difficult. It is hard on the budget, it weighs down on the sex life, and it generally causes a lot of stress. Yet it turns out, couples would still rather have kids than live without any experience of having them.

There are even studies conducted and concluded to show that having kids have the tendency to lower blood pressure (yes, it’s true) –most probably because of the feel-good feelings of being needed and engaging in doing worth-while activities related to child-rearing. That is how good being a parent could be, although we cannot pressure anyone into this kind of duty.

Parenting or raising kids is much like-climbing a mountain. Parents enjoy it like mountain-climbers do exhilarate in a climb. It is up to you if you would want to pass-up that fun experience of having kids.

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Aug 13

It is the London Olympics season and everyone is jeering for their favorite teams. Everyone is cheering for their favorite athelets – and parents are wooing for their kids. When TODAY’s Matt Lauer and co-correspondent Savannah Gurthie interview the proud parents of the women’s gymnastics team USA, the parents leave some advice on how to support your kids all the way in achieving their Olymipic dreams.
The parents share what it is like to see their kids accomplish their great althetics dreams and leave some tips to fellow parents of aspiring Olympians. The ‘golden girls’ of the Olympics gymnastics also reveal how it feels like to have their parents rooting for them during the competitions, and only one thing could be ascertained – that the moral support of the parents to their Olympian kids contribute a huge positive impact on the kids’ performance.

It turns out that it is much more than the parents’ urge to cheer because they feel proud in seeing their kids compete (and win) in the most prestigious sports competition. It is all part of responsible parenting. You help your kids push themselves to perform their best when you are cheering for them. This way, you help them achieve their dreams just by encouraging them.

To quote Mike Maroney, McKayla Maroney’s father, “The best thing a parent can do is just support them, and let them live their dream.” “Don’t make it your dream. It has to be theirs, because if they want it bad enough they’re going to be able to achieve it, and just give them all the tools that can give them that opportunity to have the success that their dream is all about.”

So that is how you can help turn a child into an Olympian.

You can read more of this MSNBC Today correspondence HERE.

Aug 12

Day camp is a great idea for parents like you to have some respite from raising your kids. Summer camp also cultivates a child’s self-reliance, independence, self-esteem, among other life skills. Yet there is much more to preparing for your kid’s day camp than placing his name in all of his belongings or loading up his stuff with sun block and other necessities. Here are 8 ways to prepare your child for summer camp (as suggested by iVillage):

1. Familiarize yourself and your child with the camp site and counselors beforehand.

2. Get your kid involved with the preparations.

3. Foster new friendships.

4. Advocate for your child – if necessary, talk to the camp director or other camp personnel to pay special attention to your child.

5. Share your own camp stories. Share your day camp experiences when you were still a child.

6. Do your assignment. Find out what’s allowed or not allowed in the day camp (for instance personal items like favorite toys) days ahead before camp starts.

7. Don’t let him cop out. If something happens in the day camp that your child doesn’t particularly like, listen to him and help him cope, but don’t let him quit right there and then.

8. Let him go. Let day camp drop-offs go as quick as possible, and lastly..

9. Help your child enjoy his summer camp.

You can read more details on these tips on Summer Camp Countdown! Preparing Your Kid for Day Camp (on iVillage)

Jul 29

Kids grow up so fast! And because they do, don’t you think you should start planning to spend more time with them? Having fun with kids is one of the best rewards of being a parent. So take your time and enjoy activities with your kids this summer.

Child and Adolescent Therapist Signe Whitson from Huffington Post shares 45 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids that parents could do with their fast growing children. Her summertime with the kids ‘to-do-list’ includes making stepping stones, having a car wash, running through a fountain, organizing a block party for the neighbors, making homemade icecream, selling lemonade at the park and donating the money to charity, catching fireflies, looking at the stars, swinging ‘so high we think our feet would touch the sky’, making swirly designs with sparklers in the night sky, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on long sticks, wearing glow bracelets and running around after dard, planting flowers, going to a museum, blowing bubbles, swimming a lot, just lying in the hammock, and just enjoying being young spending time the kids!

Remember, children are only young once so make the most out of it. Enjoy the time with them while it lasts, especially while it’s summer. You household and professional tasks can wait. Enjoy the no-school no-hurry mornings, savor the staying-up-late-past-bedtime, and just become a kid again with your kids!

Jan 22

Daycare always seems to have a bad reputation, but it’s a necessity for many parents.  Does it have to be a negative experience? The Managing Editor of Huffington Post Parents, Farah Miller, doesn’t think so. Check out the Hidden Benefits of Daycare.

Nov 23

You wake up in the morning and get the kids dressed, fed, and packed for school, but that leaves very little time for you. Those sweatpants you slept in are suitable to walk your kid to the classroom door, right? Wrong. At least, it is wrong according to one school in the UK. The school has banned pajamas, claiming parents should be dressed respectfully while on school grounds. Do you agree?

Nov 9

Want to become a healthier family? You may think you’re too busy, or it’s too hard, but that’s simply not true. There are so many little things families can do to make improvements. Just check out these 100 ways to become a healthier family from

Nov 7

Few things beat family movie night: kids and parents all snuggled up around the TV, watching a favorite movie and eating your favorite snacks. But when you’ve seen all the movies or you decide you’re just watching too much TV, family game night is a fun alternative. If your kids aren’t quite ready for Monopoly, check out these great board games for kids. They’re fun for the whole family.

Oct 10

Mom and dad always say they love all the kids the best, but according to Time Magazine, a recent study shows that most parents play favorites when it comes to dealing with their children. Fathers tend to favor their youngest daughters while mothers tend to favorite their oldest sons. Do you find yourself favoring one of your children over the other?

Sep 27

School is officially in full swing now, and you’re probably trying to make a good impression on your child’s teacher. If so, you might want to take a look at this list of teachers’ biggest pet peeves and how to avoid them.

Sep 25

Thinking about taking a cruise but can’t decide if you want to take the kids along?  If you’re planning on traveling with Celebrity Cruises, you might want to listen up. The popular cruise line is planning to start offering some healthy activities for families.  Geared towards ages three to eight, ships will offer puppet shows and workshops about making healthy choices, games, puzzles, a healthy pizza-making class, sing-a-long songs and much more.

Sep 20

There are holidays like Christmas, Halloween and the 4th of July that most everyone celebrates and then there are the secret holidays that only parents can enjoy: back to school day, diaper independence day or seat belt click it day anyone?  What are your favorite “parent holidays?”

Aug 23

Have you ever wanted your husband to know what it’s like to be pregnant? That may be impossible, but with the new
“Mommy Tummy” suit, you might come close. Scientists in Japan have created the suit that simulates the weight gain, breast enlargement and baby kicking that comes with pregnancy.