Feb 12

Want to send your kids off to school with a little extra dose of love on Valentine’s Day? How about a heart-shaped snack or a sandwich full of colorful sprinkles? Check out these 6 fun ideas for bringing Valentines’ Day to your child’s lunchbox.


Feb 1

Does this sound familiar? It’s Sunday night and your son or daughter has mysteriously come down with a stomachache? They’ve got the whole act down pat: the whining, the sad face, the list of symptoms, etc. Well, there’s a chance they’re really sick, but as we all know, there’s a chance they just don’t want to go to school the next day. Check out these ways to tell if your kid is really sick.


Jan 24

Ron Clark has developed quite a reputation as one of the nation’s top teachers, and he’s even developed his own school, along with writing books and articles about education. Now, Clark is telling parents what teachers really want to say to them and what you can do to help your child do better in school.


Jan 7

Winter break is over and if they haven’t already, your children will probably be going back to school next week.  In most places, it’s the start of the second half of the year, and what better time to crack down and work hard? Here are some tips for helping your child study and make good grades.

Jan 4

These days, many schools are “nut free,” due to the number of peanut allergies in kids. If your kids attend one of these schools, and you’re looking for a way to send your child to school with something yummy and healthy that stays within the rules, check out nut free recipes for lunches and snacks.

Dec 19

Packing a lunch for your kids can be difficult, but packing a lunch when your child has a gluten allergy or if your family just doesn’t eat gluten can be even more of a loathsome task. Need some help? Check out these tips for packing a healthy, gluten-free lunch. You may even find some ways for mom and dad to eat healthier too.

Dec 8

These days, we do almost everything online, but what would you say to your young children going to a virtual school?  Online school for kids is on the rise these days, and there are many arguments for and against it. Where do you stand?

Nov 29

Tired of the same old sandwiches and pizza for lunch? The Food Network has put together a list of kid-approved easy lunch ideas. From Pita Pockets full of veggies to a mini taco bar that fits in right int he lunchbox, you’ll find something here to suit everyone’s tastes.

Nov 28

One of the most difficult decisions every parent will face is choosing how to educate your children. Will they go to private school or public school or will you skip them both and homeschool? Will it cost more or less? Are you qualified to do it? How will your children make friends? Parent.net understands that you may have many questions about your child’s education, so they have put together a list of homeschooling pros and cons.

Nov 23

You wake up in the morning and get the kids dressed, fed, and packed for school, but that leaves very little time for you. Those sweatpants you slept in are suitable to walk your kid to the classroom door, right? Wrong. At least, it is wrong according to one school in the UK. The school has banned pajamas, claiming parents should be dressed respectfully while on school grounds. Do you agree?

Nov 8

Your child is back in school now, which means they’re surrounded by lots of germs. Throw in the cooler weather and the start of flu season, and it’s almost inevitable that your child will pick up some kind of illness over the next few months.  Worried? Dont’ be. Stay prepared with Real Simple’s Child Health Guide that explains 13 illnesses that can be picked up at school and how to prevent and treat them.

Nov 4

One school in Chicago has decided to start limiting children’s bathroom breaks. Are they allowing them one trip per class? One per day? Nope. Students will be allowed to use the bathroom at school three times during a semester. If they surpass the allotted three bathroom breaks, students will be forced to make up their lost time after school. The principal says the new rule is an attempt to do away with distractions, but parents are crying that it’s not fair and possibly even inhumane.  What do you think?

Oct 28

When your child gets sick, how do you know if they’re too sick for school? Do you want a doctor to confirm that they’re contagious or do you keep them home for the slightest sniffle?  Check out “Is My Child Too Sick to Go to School” to see if you’re making the right decisions.

Oct 24

Looking for a yummy cupcake recipe for Halloween? If you’re planning a party, need something to take to your child’s school, or just looking for a great Halloween snack, check out this Wicked Cupcake recipe from the Food Network. These cupcakes are both yummy and fun!

Oct 16

The older kids have to get to school, the little kids need to eat. There are breakfasts and lunches to make, clothes to find, homework to finish. You might even be on your way to work. So how can you make mornings seem a little less hectic? Check out Parenting’s Guide to de-stressing your morning routine.