Feb 18

A trip to the grocery store can seem like a chore for many parents, but did you know it could actually turn into a educational field trip for kids?  Check out these great ideas from PBS on how to explore science at the market.

Jan 10

Sesame Street has always had a reputation for being education, but they’re about to take it up a notch. The popular children’s show is about to start teaching science, technology, engineering and math in hopes of encouraging kids to love these subjects for a lifetime.

Nov 22

Here’s a fun activity that will not only teach your child (and maybe you) a thing or two, but the result is a yummy treat. You only need four items for this activity from PBS Kids. You’ll learn about reversible change and how things freeze, and then you can enjoy a frozen ice pop. Check out Frozen Fruit Super Fab Lab Investigation.

Oct 8

Is your little one looking to learn about gardening and the great outdoors? If so, you might want to check out this 2011 National Parenting Publication Award-winning book, The Budding Gardener. The book is full of pictures and information that introduce young children to the world of plants and caring for them.

Sep 20

Most kids love to help mom and dad bake yummy treats, even it just means stirring the batter or licking the spoon. But there are other ways to let kids get in on the action, and by letting kids help with the baking, you can help build their confidence, teach them about using different items in the kitchen and they might learn a little math or science, too. Here are some fun ways to let your kids help you bake.

Sep 19

Let’s face it: if you have an iPad and a child, there’s a good chance said child enjoys playing with said iPad as much you do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your iPad can become a great learning tool for kids of all ages, especially preschoolers. With in mind, Lil Sugar has compiled a list of great iPad Apps for Preschoolers.   You’ll find a little bit of everything, from reading and science to puzzles and games.

Sep 4

Most kids like bugs and other small animals that can be found in your very own backyard.  Did you know this could make a for a fun afternoon activity?  A Backyard Bug Safari Expedition is a great way to have fun with young children and learn a little something too.  Just make sure your child is not allergic to anything and be sure to talk to your kids about exploring with their eyes, not their hands.

Jun 30

Let’s face it: whining children are annoying.  There’s no nice way to put it.  No matter how much you love your kids, when they start whining, it drives you insane.  Well, guess what?  Now there is scientific evidence out there that proves it’s annoying.  Two professors had adults do a series of math problems while listening to various noises, one of which was whining children.  Of all the noises, whining children won, hands down, as the one that made it harder for the adults to complete the math problems.  I guess it’s official now.

Jun 24

School’s out for the summer.  What will your children be doing?  You want them to stay entertained without rotting their brain.  You want them to keep learning without working them too hard.   You also want to find great activities for them without working them too hard.  So, what’s a parent to do?  Check out these ideas for keeping kids active this summer.   From art to cooking, reading to science projects – there’s something for everyone!