Jan 28

When you were pregnant, did you have some wild and crazy dreams? Or are you a pregnant mom who is currently dreaming about the unimaginable? If so, you shouldn’t worry. Those dreams aren’t as bad as you may think. Check out what your crazy pregnancy dreams mean and why you have them.

Jan 20

New moms have a rough job: they have to keep track of everything their baby does while recovering from nine months of pregnancy and an agonizing childbirth. Imagine getting a little help with at least one of these things. Check out these cool apps for new moms that help you keep track of everything from feedings to your baby’s sleep habits.

Jan 16

Most moms and dads will tell you that toddlers definitely need naps, but now researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder think so too. As it turns out, toddlers who miss naps tend to be more anxious and less joyful, along with a whole host of other problems.

Jan 2

Napping is something that comes naturally to little bodies, but napping well not so much. If your child is not a good napper, he or she may need to be trained or led into a world of good nap-taking. Need some tips? Check out how to get your child to nap.

Jan 1

If you spent the holidays traveling, especially if you crossed over multiple time zones to visit family and friends, your body might have a few issues adjusting to its normal state. Just imagine the problems your kids will be having, especially if they have to go back to school this week. If your little ones are having issues getting to sleep due to your travel schedule, check out these tips for getting your kids back to sleep.

Nov 5

Is your little one leaving you exhausted due to a lack of sleep? Never fear. Parenting.com has 26 Baby Sleep Solutions. These aren’t your average tips and will have you getting a good night’s sleep in no time.

Oct 21

Is your child begging you to let them have their first slumber party?  Well, you better be prepared. In case you’ve forgotten, slumber parties aren’t for slumber; they’re for fun. Before you say “yes” to your little one, you may want to make sure you’re prepared. Is your child old enough? Do you have the right activities planned? Should you insist upon a bedtime?  Here are some slumber party secrets you won’t want to miss.

Sep 21

Moving your toddler from a baby bed to a “big kid bed” is one of the biggest things that will happen for you and your little one in the early years. It can be super easy or super hard, and picking the right bed can have a lot to do with it either way.  With this in mind, Lil Sugar has put together a cool list of toddler beds for everyone’s budget.

Sep 21

Do you ever wonder if your child is getting too much sleep?  Or maybe you think they’re not sleeping enough?  Never fear, WebMD has put together a chart designed to show you how much sleep is recommended for your child according to their age.

Aug 24

Bedtime can be difficult. Getting wired kids to sleep or sleepy kids to go to bed without putting up an exhaustion-induced fight can make for a rough night for mom and dad.  And after a summer of staying up late, bedtime can become an even more difficult task when it’s time to get back into a school night routine. Think you need a little help when it comes to getting your kids to sleep?  Check out WebMD’s tips for making bedtime easier.

Aug 10

Jame Mollison’s collection of photos for his new book, Where Children Sleep,  is grabbing the attention of people from around the world, and this week, the New York Times featured a selection of photos from the book.  The photos feature the portraits and bedrooms of children from around the world and depicts what their life is like.  This is a must-see collection.

Jul 31

Obstructive sleep apnea is thought to affect 3% of all school-age children, and it can be very dangerous. Do you know the signs and symptoms?  Snoring, sleeping during the day and changes in skin are just a few.  Check out this article from Yahoo to learn more about children and sleep apnea.

Jul 20

According to a new study from Stony Brook University, it’s OK to let your toddler sleep in your bed. About 1/3 of all parents (according to the study) believe it’s OK to sleep with your child, while 1/3 are opposed and 1/3 do not believe it matters.  But no matter how parents feel, the study found that developmental problems were not an issue with those who slept with their parents at a young age.

Jul 6

Are your kids keeping you up at night?  Maybe you’ve decided that’s just the way life’s going to be for a while when you bring a new baby into your home, but according to Babble, it doesn’t have to be that way.  As a matter of fact, it could be your own fault as to why your child’s not sleeping.  Check out these bedtime mistakes and make sure you’re not committing one of them.

Jun 30

Bed wetting can be a very common occurrence when you have young children and most parents just assume it comes with the territory.  But the American Academy of Family Physicians has something else to say about the matter.  According to the medical group, bed wetting can be a much more serious issue.  From hormonal imbalances to stress, if your child is wetting the bed, you may want to have some of these conditions checked out.