Jan 21

There are moms and dads on Facebook who overshare their kids.  We’ve all seen them. They post every little detail and every picture they’ve ever taken of their child. But are you one? Check out these signs of parents who overshare their kids on Facebook and find out.

Aug 24

Facebook has become the center of many people’s lives these days, especially the youngest members of society, and not always for the better.  Employers and colleges are turning to Facebook to find out more about prospective employees and students. The police are even turning to Facebook to learn more about the people they arrest.  Young kids are lying about their age and giving out important information to strangers.  As a parent, you want to protect your child from social media, but to do that, you must know what you’re dealing with.  With that in mind, Parenthood.com has put together A Parent’s 12-Step Guide to Facebook.

Jun 9

Almost everyone has a profile on Facebook these days and almost everyone is still learning proper social media etiquette.  CBS recently came out with a list of five things people should not post on Facebook, but the website The Stir has taken it a step further.  Check out 5 Things Moms should Never Post on Facebook.

May 1

Do you post pictures of your kids on Facebook or Twitter, or maybe you keep a blog?  Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon.com doesn’t, but it’s not just for the reasons you may think.  Take a look at why Williams says she will never post her kids’ pictures online.

Apr 3

Being a parent in a world of social media can be a difficult task.  There are cyberbullies, predators, and other people who up to no good, and they are all right there at your child’s fingertips.  Now a new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics claims there’s a new phenomenon to worry about: Facebook Depression.

Apr 2

Is your child dealing with a Cyberbully?  With so many kids online these days, cyberbullying has become a major issue.  Thankfully, Time Magazine’s Healthland blog has offered five tips for dealing with a cyberbully.   From setting guidelines to helping your children respond, this is a must-read article for any parents of children who have social media accounts or spend a lot of time online.