Oct 17

Getting little boys to read can be a little bit of a challenge when they’re itching to run around and play in the dirt. But reading is an excellent way to ensure your child has a lifelong enjoyment of learning, and it’s always great to encourage it. Looking for some picture books your boys will love? Whether it’s humor, fantasy, mystery, adventure, poetry, animals, sports and more, PBS Kids has compiled a great list of picture books for preschool and early elementary age boys.

Oct 10

Mom and dad always say they love all the kids the best, but according to Time Magazine, a recent study shows that most parents play favorites when it comes to dealing with their children. Fathers tend to favor their youngest daughters while mothers tend to favorite their oldest sons. Do you find yourself favoring one of your children over the other?

Jul 29

Once upon a time, Jeff Siegel and his then seven-year-old son, Spence, traveled around the country to a handful of NBA arenas, a road trip that was a last-minute decision.  In the years that followed, the duo decided to make a trip to every basketball arena and every baseball stadium in the country before Spence turned eighteen.  They succeeded, and now Siegel has written a book about the trips, RelationTrips, which not only documents their journey, but talks about how important it was to their relationship as well.  Read more about how much road trips meant to Jeff Siegel and his son, as well as some advice for your own father and son road trips.

Apr 11

Many families hope to have one son and one daughter, but a new study shows that families with two daughters tend to be happier.   The study looked at over 2,000 families and showed a double daughter combination tended to help out around the house more and wad easier to reason with.   Families with four daughters tended to be the least happy, while the classic boy and girl sibling combination came in at number two.