Dec 12

Several moms are coming clean and admitting to something no one likes to say: their kids are spoiled, especially when it comes to the holidays.  Let’s face it; it’s hard not to buy your kids everything in sight when Christmas rolls around, especially if you can afford to do so (and sometimes even when you can’t). Are you guilty of this?

Aug 22

When you’re at the store or visiting your child’s school, it’s easy to spot the spoiled children, right?  They are usually pretty demanding, treat their parents poorly, and throw fits over the silliest little things. However, it’s harder to recognize certain behaviors in our own children, because, well, most parents think their children are next to perfect. If this is the case for you, you may want to check this out: 10 Signs That Your Child is Spoiled. You might be a little surprised at what you find.