Feb 15

If you think cereal makes for a healthy breakfast, you should probably check out this report from Environmental Working Group.  It turns out some sugars, such as Honey Smacks, Wheaties Fuel, and others have the same amount of sugar as a Twinkie. And several dozen others have the same amount of sugar or more than three chocolate chip cookies. Check out Many Kids’ Cereals Loaded with Sugar to learn more.

Jan 30

It seems as though parents are a little mixed up when it comes to booster seats. Despite using a booster seat with their own child, they are pretty lax when it comes to other children in their cars, and when it comes to letting their kids ride with other parents, they don’t insist on a booster seat in that situation either. Learn more about how parents are not using booster seats when they carpool.

Jan 28

Healthy food can be super expensive, but it doesn’t have to be or so says a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health. From serving water instead of juice and whole grains instead of refined, see how your kids’ snacks can be healthy and inexpensive.

Jan 16

Most moms and dads will tell you that toddlers definitely need naps, but now researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder think so too. As it turns out, toddlers who miss naps tend to be more anxious and less joyful, along with a whole host of other problems.

Jan 10

Do you spend too much on baby products? A new study says you do. Turns out pregnant and first-time moms are spending way too much on their babies. What do you think?

Jan 7

Winter break is over and if they haven’t already, your children will probably be going back to school next week.  In most places, it’s the start of the second half of the year, and what better time to crack down and work hard? Here are some tips for helping your child study and make good grades.

Jan 5

Over the last 30 years, the number of twins born in the United States has doubled.  What’s the cause of the phenomenon? Fertility treatments are a strong possibility.

Dec 15

This study from the Journal of Family Psychology is sure to spark lots of debate. It claims that moms who work are happier and healthier.  What do you think?

Nov 27

Are you planning on getting acupuncture for your kids? If so, you’ll be happy to know that researchers from the University of Alberta in Edmonton have deemed the practice to be safe for people under the age of 18, but they do say more extensive research is needed.

Oct 10

Mom and dad always say they love all the kids the best, but according to Time Magazine, a recent study shows that most parents play favorites when it comes to dealing with their children. Fathers tend to favor their youngest daughters while mothers tend to favorite their oldest sons. Do you find yourself favoring one of your children over the other?

Oct 10

A new study from Columbia University has some scary things to say about your household. Doorknobs, light switches and other similar, common household items may be breeding grounds for MRSA or staph infections.  This is especially true if someone in your home has the bug. Makes you think twice about washing your hands often, right?

Sep 26

In today’s world, we can often find ourselves taking life a little too seriously, and often, that translates to our children. According to researchers from Boston College, kids in the 1950′s were allowed much more play time than kids today have and that’s not a good thing.  Findings show that today’s kids don’t learn as many social and developmental skills through play and end up having more problems with anxiety, depression and narcissism because of it.

Aug 14

When your kids hop in the car with your parents or in-laws, you might cringe a little when you think about how Grandma and Grandpa drive, but a new study says there’s not much to worry about.  In many cases, kids are safer in car accidents when their grandparents are behind the wheel.  The exact reason isn’t known, but Flaura Winston, MD, the director of the National Science Foundation Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia says it’s possible that grandparents just drive more safely with their grandchildren in the car. It was also noted that both parents and grandparents need to learn a little more about carseat safety.

Aug 11

It’s frustrating, but almost every child does it.  Telling lies – it makes parents mad and gets children in trouble, but a study from the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University says it’s all just a part of growing up and developing intelligence.  Not buying it?  Read more about why some doctors are considering lying to be a “developmental milestone.” 

Aug 8

School is beginning to start back in several states across the country, which means parents are waking early to pack their children’s lunch.  After all, taking your lunch to school is something we’ve been doing for decades.  But a new study from the University of Texas claims that sending your child to school with lunch is as good as giving them food poisoning.   You may want to rethink the brown bag after you read this.