Dec 15

This study from the Journal of Family Psychology is sure to spark lots of debate. It claims that moms who work are happier and healthier.  What do you think?

Dec 12

Several moms are coming clean and admitting to something no one likes to say: their kids are spoiled, especially when it comes to the holidays.  Let’s face it; it’s hard not to buy your kids everything in sight when Christmas rolls around, especially if you can afford to do so (and sometimes even when you can’t). Are you guilty of this?

Nov 2

According to a recent survey, eight percent of parents regret the name they chose for their baby. Most of the regret had to do with the name becoming either too trendy or common. Do you regret your child’s name?

Sep 23

One of the great parenting debates is when to let your children have more freedom.  Whether you’re talking about allowing your kids to dress themselves or stay home alone, parents have very different ideas about the proper age for letting go and letting your child grow up. TodayMoms decided to conduct a survey, asking many parents what age is the proper age to let their  child do certain activities independently.  The results might surprise you.

Sep 10

Last month, talked to real moms and asked them what their secrets were. Most moms admitted to judging other people’s children among other things that they’d never admit to in public. Now, one dad is talking about his reaction to the survey findings and his own thoughts on real dad secrets.

Aug 11 and have teamed up to survey a group of moms about their deepest, darkest secrets.  Do you judge other moms, medicate your child to get some peace and quiet, or use you kids to get out of social situations?  If so, you’re not alone.  Check out more of mom’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Jul 17

According to a new survey from Symantec, a fourth of all children have encountered cyberbullying in some way.   The survey looked at 1,068 families with children between the ages of eight and eighteen.   Most of the cyberbulling happened to middle school students.  The study also looked at how parents handled finding out their child was at the receiving end of  bullying.  Check out more results here.

Jul 11

If you think children are using curse words more these days than they did when you were a kid, you’re not alone.  86% of your fellow parents agree.  According to a survey from, over half of the parents that took part said their child (ages 2 to 12) has used foul language in front of them.  If you can relate to this study and would like to stop your child from uttering four-letter words, take a look at Six Ways to Keep Your Child From Cursing.

Jul 8

Stay-at-home moms versus working moms – it’s a debate that goes on and on with no end in sight.  Whichever side of the fence you fall on, the grass seems to always be greener on the other side.  According to a recent survey, it turns out working moms and stay-at-home moms have more in common than they think: they both feel overwhelmed. The survey showed that 92% of working moms and 89% of stay-at-home moms feel that way about their jobs, whether they’re working inside the house or out.