Jan 25

If your son or daughter shouts “MINE!” one more time, you’re probably going to scream, right?  Or if your teenager says “it’s not fair” one more time, you may very well lock yourself in the bedroom. Can you relate? Check out these other annoying things kids say.

Jan 11

Let’s face it: toddlers are funny, especially once they start talking. If you need a good laugh and a good way to entertain your little one, try these: 5 things to ask your toddler (when you need a good laugh) from The Stir.

Sep 17

There have been a lot of big news stories lately: the anniversary of September 11, earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, and the bad economy to name a few.  While your children may not spend their weekdays parked in front of the evening news, chances are you do and kids hear bits and pieces of what’s going on.  If they’re not getting it there, they’re probably hearing some of it at school from other kids and even teachers.  So, how do you explain all the bad stuff going on in the world to a little mind that can’t quite comprehend it all?  PBS has a few ideas to help parents talk to kids about the news.

Sep 12

If your child was not yet born or too young to understand what was going on ten years ago, you probably spent a good bit of time this weekend explaining what September 11 means. With everyone talking about where they were the day the World Trade Center fell and news stations playing non-stop footage, your little ones may have a lot of questions.  If you don’t think your explanation alone is enough to teach your children about that day, you might want to check out these child-friendly books about September 11. The books are deemed age appropriate enough to help even the youngest of children learn about that tragic day.

Aug 9

Studies have found that stress, gender and environmental factors can affect the future for a child who stutters, but what really causes stuttering and how do you know if it’s a phase or something your child will have a life-long problem with?  The blog Breezy Mama talks to the former President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association about everything you need to know about stuttering.

Jul 5

It’s something every parent worries about when it happens to them: your child is almost two years old and hasn’t started talking yet.  If this sounds familiar and you’ve begun worrying about a lifetime of problems, stop.  According to a new study from the University of Western Australia, late-talking toddlers usually don’t have lifelong developmental problems.  As a matter of fact, it’s more common than you think.

May 18

You spend your life trying not to say “um” when you’re speaking, but a new study finds that those words may actually help toddlers and young children learn how to speak more effectively.  So, what else can you do to encourage your child to talk?  From singing nursery rhymes to reading, here are 10 ways to encourage language development.