Jul 21

It’s often a dilemma for parents to get their child into the carseat. It just takes forever! Here are a few tips from the article, “Ten Tips to Relieve Toddler Carseat Woes” from Natural Parents Network (We’re using our own examples though):

1. Relax. (It just makes things easier.) Then give it some extra time. This would really help to get to your destination on time and without having to stress too much getting the child into the carseat.
2. Talk over the plan to your child before getting into the carseat. “We’re now going to van. I need you to get into your carseat fast so we could arrive in your ballet recital right away.”
3. Turn it into a game. Pretend you are going to ride a horse, or, you scoop him up playfully and lovingly and place him or her in the carseat (this work well on smaller children), or you tell him ‘We need to go quick, we need to save the princess!’ You could even encourage his imagination by pretending he is a pilot in a cockpit.
4. Prepare a fun activity he could do in the car. (Eventually this will make him look forward to being in his carseat.)
5. Use a reward system. For instance, you’re child often asks for his favorite candy and you tell him he’ll get his treat when you’re already on your way, or after you’ve arrived at your destination.
These are just some of the tips that could help you make things easier to get your child in his carseat. You can read NPN’s entire article HERE

Nov 22

When your baby or toddler becomes mobile, you probably find yourself worrying about what kind of dangers your child will find in your home. You don’t want to go overboard and keep your baby in a bubble, but there are some precautions you’ll need to take. Looking for a happy medium? Check out Huffington Post’s Bubble Wrapped Babies.

Oct 22

When you child makes that all-important transition from the bottle to the sippy cup, you probably find yourself standing in the baby aisle at your local store wondering which one to choose. These days, there are literally dozens of sippy cups to choose from and each one has its good and bad qualities. Check out Lil Sugar’s Guide to Finding the Best Sippy Cup.

Oct 9

An Oregon woman and her crying toddler were allegedly kicked off a public transit bus because the driver says the baby had been crying for a long time and it was disturbing her ability to drive. As you can imagine, the debate surrounding this story is quite heated, with many saying the bus driver was right to do what she did. After all, the safety of the other passengers was possibly at stake. But others say the bus driver should have handled it differently. What do you think?

Oct 2

So, your baby is turning one and your family and friends are expecting  a big celebration. You’re probably too caught up in wondering how time went by so quickly, but you know you need to make the party memorable. How do you do it? You can start by checking out these First Birthday Party Survival Tips from Babies Online. You might get some great ideas!

Sep 19

Getting ready to decorate a new nursery and want to do something a little different? Or maybe you just want to keep up with new fall trends?  Either way, check out these 10 Nursery Decor Trends We Love from iVillage. You’ll see the latest in nursery decor, ranging from dark wood and floor tiles to maps and the color orange.

Sep 16

Parenting a toddler can make for quite a stressful few years, especially when it comes to discipline.  Your little one is learning what they’re capable of and exploring their new independence, but it can make mom and dad’s life a little crazy.  With this in mind, WebMD has a few secret strategies for disciplining your toddler.

Aug 27

There comes a time in every child’s life when they decide it’s time to bust out of their baby cribs and explore. Toddlers have no fear when it comes to climbing out and checking out their surroundings.  Moms and dads, however, probably have a different view of this and are possibly wondering if it’s time to switch to the big boy or girl bed.  If you’re not quite ready to make the switch, check out these tips on keeping your toddler in his or her crib for just a little while longer.

Jul 6

Parents wait forever for babies to communicate with them, but it’s usually at least a year or two before you can understand any actual words from your baby’s mouth.  These days, many parents are teaching their baby sign language in an effort to allow more effective communication.  But how do you do it?  Earnest Parenting has some tips.

Jul 6

Are your kids keeping you up at night?  Maybe you’ve decided that’s just the way life’s going to be for a while when you bring a new baby into your home, but according to Babble, it doesn’t have to be that way.  As a matter of fact, it could be your own fault as to why your child’s not sleeping.  Check out these bedtime mistakes and make sure you’re not committing one of them.

Jun 28

When your baby starts moving from being fed to feeding herself, finger foods are often one of the first steps.  They’re important for your baby to learn some independence and can make your life a little bit easier too.  Of course, babies don’t always take to this new activity the way you’d like them to.  What can you do to help them along?  Here are ten tips for introducing finger foods.

Jun 21

Every parent thinks their child is gifted to an extent, but is your child TRULY gifted – not just in your eyes?  Take a look at these signs (ranging from memory to artistic ability) to see if your little one fits the mold:  Ten Signs Your Child is Gifted.

Aug 28

Surveys tell us that children today are getting less sleep than their peers of 30 years ago.  Lack of quality sleep can affect your child’s mood, behaviour and well-being.  In order to give your child the best chance of a good night’s sleep, try the following five tips.

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Aug 22

As a new parent, it can be very tempting to spend the summer outdoors with your baby.  There are so many new things for babies to see and experience outdoors such as the beach, the pool, and the simple sunshine.  However, babies have extremely delicate skin, and the summer sun can cause damaging burns.  If you have accidentally exposed your baby to too much sun, use the following tips to treat infant sunburn.

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