Feb 11

Do your kids enjoy watching TV? If they do, you might want to check this out: the 10 worst TV role models for kids.  From the cast of Jersey Shore to Two and a Half Men, you might not be too surprised who makes the list, but you’ll want to be sure your kids aren’t watching these shows.

Feb 8

Winter can mean spending lots of time indoors, avoiding the cold and snowy weather. It’s tempting to put kids in front of the TV when they start to go stir-crazy, but there are other ways to solve the boredom. To prove this, iVillage has come up with 18 tips to keep your kids busy without TV – there’s something here for every age.

Jan 20

Does your child need a role model? Experts say yes, and even if you don’t believe it, chances are your kids are going to find someone to look up to. If you’d rather them not decide they want to be just like a drug-pumping athlete, a foul-mouthed rapper, or attention-grabbing reality star, there are a few things you can do to help guide kids to the right role models.

Jan 10

Sesame Street has always had a reputation for being education, but they’re about to take it up a notch. The popular children’s show is about to start teaching science, technology, engineering and math in hopes of encouraging kids to love these subjects for a lifetime.

Dec 25

If you’re looking for a great way to wrap up a wonderful day, check out this list of 10 great Christmas movies to watch with the kids. You won’t be able to run out to the store to get them today, but check your cable’s “on demand” program, Netflix Instant Watch and even your local TV listings if you see one you’d like to watch.

Dec 21

Let’s face it: the happiest time of the year is usually the most stressful. But according to one guy who works for Microsoft, it doesn’t have to be. The solution? Technology. From printing recipes and gift tags to shopping online to allowing your kids to watch TV on your iPods during long trips, check out how to use technology to stay connected and stress-free during the holidays.

Nov 21

Do your kids spend all day watching cartoons?  If so, they might just be meeting a few good animated role models. From Olivia to Sheriff Woody, check out these 10 best cartoon role models for kids.

Nov 18

You may be tempted to park your infant or toddler in front of Sesame Street when you need to get something done, but according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this is not a good idea. Not only should your one or two year old not watch TV, but children should not even be exposed to a TV that is being used as background noise. Learn more at Today.com’s Kids Under 2 Should Play, Not Watch TV, Doctor’s Say.

Sep 13

Looking for some books for your child but don’t know where to start?  Maybe you can start with the PBS Parents Bookfinder.  It’s a nifty little tool that helps you find children’s books by age, subject, key word and more.  It also helps you find popular children’s books from PBS programs, such as Arthur, Curious George and Reading Rainbow.

Aug 4

Remember the classic show, Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood?  How could you forget, right?  The company that brought you that old favorite is back with a new, animated project, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a spin-off from Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood (Daniel was a hand puppet from the original show). The show has been in development for five years and the forces behind it think the late Mr. Rogers would be proud of what it has become. The show will debut next fall.  Read an interview with Kevin Morrison, the Chief Operating Officer for the Fred Rogers Company, about what parents and kids can expect from the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Aug 3

PBS Kids is popular with parents and kids alike for fun, educational television, but now a new line of toys is on the market and they are sure to be a big hit too.  PBS Kids toys include educational items for preschool-age children, such as the Take-Along Shape Sorting House and the Explore the Safari Take-Along Puzzle Set.

Jul 29

The Smurfs movie is all the rage this summer, and it’s bringing the classic cartoon to a younger generation as well.  The movie isn’t the only way people are enjoy the Smurfs this summer though; check out this great Smurfs gear, including costumes, lunchboxes toys, t-shirts, games and more.

Jul 3

Violent films and TV shows are often aimed at the younger members of the family, but a new study from Indiana University shows that kids do not enjoy the violence.  According to the study, 70% of children’s TV shows feature some sort of violence.  The kids who took part in the study (both boys and girls, ages five to eleven) were actually turned off by the violent programming.

May 10

Remember when your mom used to tell you not to sit too close to the TV because it would ruin your eyesight?  Maybe you tell your own children these days?  Turns out, that’s not just an old wives tale.   A recent study from Sydney University in Australia says that kids as young as six, who spend a lot of time in front of the TV, are showing signs that they will have problems with their eyes as adults.