Jul 16

Kiddie apps and games are great practical ways to keep kids and small children entertained while traveling. Keeping them busy during your trip will minimize the noise, tantrums, and just keeps them happy all throughout your plane or road trip. Here are a few suggested apps and offline games you could get for your child: Zingo to Go, Scribblenauts, My Playhome, and Highlights Hidden Pictures.

If you’re traveling with more than one child, then these two ideas are sure ways to give them some fun ways to interact: 1) Checkers for iPad, and 2) Encouraging them to record videos of each other while singing and then later, having them to play it back much to their hearts’ content.

If you want quiter travels though, then engage them in PopMath, Comic Book app, Who am I, Dinosaur Chess, or Doodle Buddy, or just get them a wonderful picture book.

If you’re traveling with your kids with gadgets, the important thing is to let them create fun memories – but make sure you have them turn off their toys once you arrive at Grandma’s. Let them participate in the gatherings and let them spend the in-between sessions by talking with the other family members, exploring, and playing with Gramps or Uncle John.

Keeping their electronic toys shut off and reserved for only during the trips in the car or plane will also keep them excited for it, compared to if they were playing with the gadgets the entire time of vacationing.

Feb 7

For the next month or two, cold temperatures will be driving families south, and one of the most popular destinations will be Florida, particularly Disney World. If you are planning to hit up a Disney park in the near future, you’ll need a plan. And much of that plan will be based on how old your children are. Check out this Age-by-Age Guide to Disney World to help get you started.


Jan 25

If you’re already planning your summer vacation, you might want to listen to this…that is, your summer vacation in 2014. Singer Dolly Parton is building a 114-care snow and water park near the Grand Ole Opryland Resort in Nashville. The family-oriented park will be first of its kind.

Jan 21

When you have a baby and you take a trip, you may end up packing everything but the kitchen sink. And of course, when you get to your destination you realize you have ten different teddy bears, but there’s not a sippy cup  in sight. Don’t let yourself be a victim to poor organization! Check out this traveling with baby packing checklist.

Nov 4

Does your family like to travel the country? If so, you’re in luck. Travel + Leisure has compiled a list of the 50 best hotels for families. Many of the hotels are in the places you’d expect (Orlando, anyone?), but you’d be surprised to see some on the list. How about Sea Island, Georgia or Jackson Hole, Wyoming?  If you’re planning a fall or winter vacation, you might just want to check out this list.

Jul 19

Traveling accommodations are easy when your children are small.  Kids can sleep with parents, you can bring in sleeping bags or cots, and more people fit in the same room.  But what happens when your family of four becomes a family of five or six?  What happens when kids get older and take up more space?  What happens when kids and parents need privacy?  Cool Mom Picks explains how to travel as a family when you’ve outgrown your hotel room.

Jul 13

If your child dreams of hearing Elmo, VeggieTales, Disney Princesses, Mickey and Minnie, or the Wiggles singing directly to them, then it’s time to check out PersonalizedStoryTimeBook.com’s new line of personalized CDs.  The new CDs feature music and dialogue with your child’s name included so that it seems as if your child is hearing directly from his or her favorite characters.  These CDs are great for long car rides to summer vacation destinations!

Jul 10

Traveling with kids usually means keeping them happy and content by any means possible.  Most of the time, that means lots of snacks.  So, what do you pack for the road?  Healthy foods or convenient snacks?  Or do you not pack anything at all and stop at convenience stores and fast food restaurants along the way?  Momformation takes a look at what parents are feeding their kids on the road.

Jul 9

If you’re a mom, you probably already keep a camera within reach at all times, and now that it’s summer, you probably take even more pictures than ever!  Summer means more time on vacation and outside, which means more scenery, more time together, etc.  However, sometimes, pictures of the kids can become a little mundane – the same thing day after day.  Why not spice things up?  Lil Sugar has a list of must-take summer photos.  From a beach picture to a picture with your little one wearing your sunglasses, check out these must-take summer pictures.

Jul 6

Summer is officially in full swing, which means more outside time and of course, vacation!  Any parent knows that keeping your child entertained during the summer can be quite the task, but the Washington Post is making it a little easier.  From the Splash Sword to the Official Foam Table Tennis Game, check out some of the hottest toys that make traveling and summer a little more fun for little ones.

Jul 6

Summer can be a fun time for families – kids are out of school, vacations are taking place and outside time is plentiful.  But there are some dangerous aspects to the warm, sunny season.  From kiddie pools to sunscreen, take a look at these nine surprising summer safety tips.  You might just prevent your baby or toddler from getting hurt or even worse.

Jul 4

If you’re planning to go to Disneyland this summer and don’t know where to start planning your vacation, look no further than Momformation.  The popular parenting blog has 12 tips for enjoying Disneyland that you may not get from your travel agent.   From when to have nap-time to what attractions are a great way for mom and dad to regroup, you won’t want to miss this list.

Jul 3

Summer vacation time is here, which means lots of families will be traveling around the country and even the world by plane.  Long plane rides with children can be a nightmare.  Luckily, Parenting.com has come up with 50 ways to entertain your child on a plane.  This list could be a life-saver!

Jul 3

Over the next few months, parents across the United States will load their family up and travel for a family vacation.  Though vacations are meant to be peaceful, they can often become a hassle for both parents and children of all ages.  Luckily, CNN has come up with some tips for coping with different vacation scenarios, including vacations with teenagers, vacations with grandparents and more.

Jul 1

With summer officially in full swing, many families are packing up to go on vacation, whether it be to the beach or to visit relatives or something else you do every year.  Why not make this year a little different?  As one parent at Yahoo’s Shine points out, there are many places/things in America that she’d like for her kids to see.  From Washington DC to Yosemite National Park, check out her list – it might inspire you to make one of your own and change your summer plans.