Jan 3

When it comes to kids playing video games, negativity abounds! You’re always hearing reasons why your kids shouldn’t be playing. Well, what if there were some reasons your child should play video games? Turns out, there are!  Check out 8 ways gaming is good for your kids.

Jun 30

This week, on the basis of free speech, a California law that banned children from buying video games was ruled against by the Supreme Court. While most parents agree with the decision, citing that the decision is one parents should make, not the government, a few people believe it is just an extra safety precaution and the ruling was out of line.  What do you think?

Apr 12

Parents are always worried that their kids spend too much time playing video games and not enough time playing outdoors or using their imagination.  Fortunately, some experts are showing a link between certain types of video games and real life play that proves just the opposite.  Kids who play active sports games and other activities on the Nintendo Wii tend to be inspired to play the real game as well.   The video game versions of tennis, basketball, and other sports give kids confidence, help them understand the game and the skills needed, and even help them get in better shape, which inspires them to try the same types of activities outside of the home.    Read more about how video games can help your child get in shape.